As most of you know, the Interchange became Connections in February 2014. Now in 2016, we welcome you to Connections 2.0. Each issue of Connections will now be dedicated to a theme. There will be book reviews, theological reflections, commentary and other features devoted to that month’s theme. We have chosen topics that we feel have impact on the church, the neighborhood, the diocese and the world. The theme for this month is innovation.

Don’t panic, though. The new Connections will still contain much of what you are used to seeing. The biggest change is the fact that the first half of the publication will be dedicated to the specific topic. The second half is dedicated to many of the things you normally see in Connections.

Our goal is to create a publication containing useful information that you can refer to all year long. We want Connections to be a vibrant and useful tool that can help you with your ministries. We welcome your suggestions for future issues at

[su_box title=”Why Innovation?”]We chose innovation as our first issue for two reasons. First of all, it was the basis of our diocesan convention, Behold the New. More than that, innovation is on everyone’s mind these days. Innovation is hard to define and even harder achieve. It’s not easy for anyone to be innovative with a simple snap of the fingers. It takes a lot of work, a lot of attempts and a lot of failures to come up with something truly innovative. So, if innovation is so difficult, is it hopeless for the Church to succeed in finding innovative ways to reach out and minister to our neighborhoods? I don’t think so. There are stories, articles and book reviews in the following pages to help you on your journey to innovation. And if you read something you like, make sure to go to the online version so you can share it with others.[/su_box]

Even better news is that we’ve also completely rebuilt It has everything the print issue has plus more because we are able to use multi-media. For example, if you read the bishop’s convention address/sermon on, then you’ll also find the video of the sermon embedded within the article so you can watch it as well. is fully optimized to work across all computers, all smart phones and all tablets.

The goal of is to bring everything together in one place. So now you can also find everything in our weekly email e-Connections available on You will find that your weekly e-Connections will look different to you as well, because it has been redesigned to complement the new site. So now, if you’d like to get more information on something in e-Connections, then just click on it and you’ll automatically be sent to its own page on, where you’ll find more information. No more scrolling down LONG emails. You’ll be able to navigate through every e-Connections directly from dsoConnections. org.

You might be asking why all of this information isn’t just on our main ( site. We felt that adding this amount of content each and every week would make the main site unmanageable. So, will still have everything you need related to the diocese, but you’ll go to for news, ideas and events. Of course, both sites are linked to each other so you can easily get from one site to the other.

We hope this new approach will help you in your ministry by providing an easier place to get all of the day-to-day information you need as well as useful articles, book reviews and theological reflections on a variety of topics important to the church.

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Dreisbach_bwDavid Dreisbach serves as Director of Communications for the Diocese of Southern Ohio. Contact him at