142nd Annual Convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio
November 11-12
Crowne Plaza North, Columbus, Ohio


The Rev. Stephen Smith

The Rev. Stephen Smith

Welcome to Columbus for the 142nd annual Diocesan Convention. We are thrilled to be hosting everyone and will do everything in our power to help make this an event where we not only conduct the business of the Church but also celebrate our sense of community, and stand in awe and worship of the God of all creation who has redeemed us in Christ and brought us together through the power of the Spirit.

The Episcopal Church of Columbus and Central Ohio offers examples of community, innovation, creativity and fresh expressions of ministry. We gather annually in a weekly Lenten School to pool our resources so we can offer classes on numerous topics. St. John’s in Franklinton and Trinity on Capitol Square provide Street Church Sunday ministries to the homeless. St. Matthew’s, Westerville explores innovative and new ways to provide community ministry, utilizing a downtown house and holding Sunday services in a restaurant/bar. We participate in ministries to campus, with youth and children, partnerships with Habitat for Humanity, and so much more. The clergy gather fairly regularly for study of the Sunday lessons and the occasional quiet retreat day. We have nurtured a sense of community and shared ministry among us, and we welcome the whole diocese into that fellowship.

See you in November!

The Rev. Stephen Smith, Host Committee chair

Canonical deadlines

Canonical Changes: Monday, September 12

Commission/Committee/Task Force annual reports: Thursday, September 29

Nominations for offices: Thursday, September 29

Proposed Resolutions: Thursday, September 29

Necrology: Monday, October 24

Pre-convention hearings

All delegates to convention are expected to attend an area pre-convention hearing. The bishop presides at each one of these meetings, and this is the only opportunity to have casual conversation or ask questions about resolutions and the budget.

East area: Sunday, Oct. 2 at St. Paul’s, Logan. 2 p.m.

Cincinnati area: Wednesday, Oct. 19 at St. Thomas,Terrace Park. 7:30 p.m.

Dayton area: Saturday, Oct. 22 at Christ Church, Dayton. 2 p.m.

Columbus area: Sunday, Oct. 23 at St. John’s, Columbus. 2:30 p.m.

Constitution and Canonical changes

The Constitution and Canons guide the governance of the diocese. A committee reviews the Constitution and Canons each year and considers whether to propose changes. Proposed amendments may come from any member of the diocese, although the committee requests an opportunity to review the proposal to make sure it abides by wider-church rules.

Proposed amendments must be submitted in writing by Sept. 12 to convention@diosohio.org. Contact diocesan chancellor Joseph J. Dehner at 513.651.6949 or jdehner@fbtlaw.com with any questions.

2016 offices for nomination

Check the 142nd annual convention page on the diocesan website for a description of each office and a link to the online nomination form. Deadline for nominations is Sept. 29. Direct any questions to nominations chair Nadya Richardson at nadya5125@aol.com.

Budget Committee / three year term
Elect 1 lay, Class of ‘19

Diocesan Council / three year term
Elect 2 clergy and 3 lay, Class of ‘19
Elect 1 lay to fill unexpired term, Class of ’17

Episcopal Community Services Foundation board / three year term
Elect 3 clergy or lay, Class of ‘19

Standing Committee / three year term
Elect 1 clergy and 1 lay, Class of ‘19

Trustees of the Church Foundation / five year term
Elect 1 clergy or lay, Class of ‘21

Trustees of the Diocese / five year term
Elect 1 clergy or lay, Class of ‘21

Diocesan Disciplinary Board
Elect 3 clergy and 2 lay

Procter Board of Directors / three year term
Elect 1 clergy or lay, Class of ‘19

Deputies to the 79th General Convention*
Elect 4 clergy + 4 clergy alternates
Elect 4 lay + 4 lay alternates

*The 79th General Convention will be held July 5-13, 2018, in Austin, Texas

Proposing resolutions

Proposing resolutions is a key way for the people of the diocese to discuss and reflect upon issues in the church and beyond. There are a variety of types of resolutions, ranging from those that ask the diocese to take a stand on a particular issue to special observances to calls for commitment to certain ministries.

All proposed resolutions must be sent to convention@diosohio.org and received by Sept. 29. The Resolutions Committee will meet that week to review the resolutions. Those submitting resolutions are expected to attend or have a representative present at all pre-convention hearings. Contact resolutions chair Jim Heathcote at 937.446.2108 or jheathcote@earthlink.net with questions