Leadership is defined in the dictionary as the position or function of a leader. At St. James, Piqua, in some cases that means many leaders.

Our main leader is God, whom we all believe in as Christians and Episcopalians. But there are times when we also need the help of other leaders in our personal communities. Starting at the top we have the Rev. Jeffrey Bessler, our priest-in-charge, who is there to guide us faithfully and with the knowledge of God. Fr. Jeffrey comes to us by way of Indiana and has been with us at St. James for a year and a half. We then have the collective membership of our vestry, as many or all of us do, who lead our congregation in the direction we are striving – to perform and make decisions that will benefit our congregation and move us into the future as a sound body. As leaders it is a difficult thing to try and please everyone at the same time, and the vestry does so to the best of their abilities to function in that position.

At St. James, we are proud to say that we have other leaders who step up and are not as prominent as the vestry members or Fr. Jeff, but no matter how small the task or function they are there, no matter what. Their leadership is what keeps our church vital and in the community eye. We are proud of these people and would like to recognize them for their ministry as follows:

Cindy Pearson, Vacation Bible School and S.T.A.R. Mission; Marisa Littlejohn, Weddings; Barney Littlejohn, Building and grounds; Sandy Abernathy, Parish Life; Vi Das, Knitting Circle; Dee Gastineau, Choir director and Organist; Krista Abernathy, St. James Coupon Club; Susan Davis, Lunch w/God; and Brad Boehringer, Newsletter.

As everyone knows, you can’t have leaders if you don’t have followers. The people of St. James have always found a way to do what is needed for our church – and that is only done by participation of the whole congregation. The abilities of our congregation are unbelievable when everyone works together for the common good. It is amazing to see what we can do together.

[su_note note_color=”#eec0f9″ text_color=”#1a1b1c1″]pianoSt. James, Piqua, recently created a piece of performance art to be displayed outside for the community – a piano. It started out just as an old upright that no one really wanted. Parishioner Cindy Pearson (pictured) donated the piano and suggested the project to the church’s leadership, and in February 2016 started with others in the congregation to put in many hours to create something that would stand out and entice people to stop and play if they so desired. The piano is brightly painted and covered with decoupage sheet music from the 1982 Hymnal. It was mounted onto a four-wheeled dolly to make it easier to move from inside to outside. The piano will be placed outside for “Taste of the Arts” put on by Mainstreet Piqua and will also be placed outside for an upcoming bike festival. The church is very proud of the piano and hopes it is played for a long time to come.[/su_note]

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Krista Abernathy serves as secretary of the church and vestry of St. James, Piqua.

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