Strategic planning two years ago by a case study team at the Procter Center indicated a need for a board of directors comprising members from various specialized fields, including hospitality, food service, marketing, property maintenance, fundraising and finance. Several individuals with those particular gifts stepped forward, and Procter Center’s Board of Directors was commissioned by Bishop Breidenthal in January 2015. Last year, the 141st annual convention also elected three “at large” members, who along with representatives from the Trustees of the Diocese, Trustees of the Church Foundation and Diocesan Council comprise the Board of Directors envisioned by the Case Study Team.

The current chairs of the Marketing & Fundraising Committee and of the Finance & Operational Analysis Committee are stepping down to pursue other priorities at the end of 2016. Both have contributed significantly to the initial reorganization of Procter Center’s operations and will be missed. With new Executive Director Amy Boyd now on board, it is especially important to have a full complement of directors to assist with strategic planning and other functions associated with a committed Board of Directors.

The chair of the Marketing/Fundraising standing committee of the Procter Center Board of Directors is responsible for working with and supporting the Procter Center Executive Director to plan and coordinate the marketing and fundraising efforts of the center, including but not limited to the website, brochures and annual campaign. The chair also oversees the marketing and fundraising committee and reports to the board on the marketing and fundraising activities of the center.

The Finance and Operational Analysis chair supports both the Executive Director and the board in all areas related to the budget, progress toward financial goals and making effective choices regarding operations of the center. This work includes regularly reviewing the center’s monthly financial statements as well as generating key performance measures of the center not directly captured in the financial statements. The Finance chair also generates custom analyses to inform key functions such as pricing and collaborates closely with the Marketing chair and other board chairs to enable the board to make effective strategic choices regarding expenses and income generation programs.

If you are interested in filling one of these board positions, please contact Jon B. Boss at or 513.761.2630. Resumes should be forwarded to Jon no later than November 1.