At St. James, Piqua, centrally located on “Mainstreet Piqua”, we are working very hard at getting to know our neighbors through our S.T.A.R. mission – which stands for Stop, Take a moment, And, Relax. We concentrate on one area each month and give the people we meet a brown bag containing a small bottle of water, a snack and a note encouraging them to stop a moment, collect their thoughts and take a breath. The areas we target are Mainstreet, YMCA, YWCA, library, post office, two funeral homes and small businesses around the church. Our neighbors are very gracious and happy with our contribution to help them get through their day.

Our most recent neighborhood project is to invite all Pokémon Go players to St. James. We are inviting anyone who is at the church looking for Pokémon to come inside, where we are happy to show them around and offer them something to drink.

Additionally, we are working with Mainstreet Piqua on the annual Holiday Parade. The church plans to have volunteers hand out candy and walk with our church van in the parade. The St. James Knitting Circle is busily knitting scarves, hats, gloves and mittens for Christmas on the Green, and the church will decorate nine trees downtown where anyone who needs any of these items can take what they need. We also are working with the Piqua Arts Council on a Holiday Concert with local and professional talent to be held at St. James. We have also volunteered to put together a reception following the concert.

Krista Abernathy serves as secretary of the church and vestry at St. James, Piqua. Contact her at