Resolution R15-02: Recognize and Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day, passed at the 141st annual convention of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, encourages the congregations of the Diocese of Southern Ohio to recognize and celebrate the national holiday now known as Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day. This year the holiday falls on Monday, Oct. 10.

R15-02: Recognize and Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day
RESOLVED, In recognition of the past injustices to all Native Americans and as a gesture of reconciliation, the Diocese and congregations recognize and celebrate the national holiday, now known as Columbus Day, as Indigenous People’s Day, from here forward; and be it further
RESOLVED, Congregations are urged to recognize and celebrate Indigenous People’s Day on the Sunday before with special services, offerings, music, and education offered for all ages.

When the 76th General Convention (2009) of the Episcopal Church formally repudiated the Doctrine of Discovery, Presiding Bishop Kathryn Jefferts Schori noted how European Americans continue to benefit from the Doctrine of Discovery and linked the Doctrine to subsequent policies of Christianization and civilization. She called Episcopalians to go beyond repudiation and seek reconciliation and healing.

The 78th General Convention (2015) updated the resolution as follows: ….in accordance with our Baptismal Covenant and in the spirit of being inclusive, reaffirm and renew the directive to all dioceses, made by the 76th and 77th General Conventions, to examine the impact, including acts of racial discrimination, racial profiling, and other race-based acts of oppression, that the repudiated Doctrine of Discovery, as well as the related Doctrine of Manifest Destiny, has had on all people, especially on people of color and indigenous peoples.

In 2014, the Diocese of Southern Ohio adopted the resolution R12-01 Express Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples, which states in part:

Resolved, that the 138th Diocesan Convention calls on congregations, county and city institutions, with the aid of “Exposing the Doctrine of Discovery,” to reflect upon their history and to encourage them to support indigenous peoples, to continue to raise awareness about the issues facing indigenous peoples, and to develop advocacy campaigns to support the rights, aspirations and needs of indigenous peoples;