Procter Farm CSA is happy to announce that our pork is officially for sale! Here’s some information about our pigs and why our product is different.

Where did our pigs come from?

We got our piglets from a farm in Russia, OH called Heritage Breed Farms. Brent and his family use only sustainable practices on their farm. He grows and grinds his own organic grain and never crates his sows during gestation, birth, or weaning.

What kind of pigs are they?

Half of our pigs are purebred Large Black and half are a mix of Large Black and Red Wattle. These pigs are known for their old-time heritage breed flavor and unmatched marbling.

What did our pigs eat?

Our pigs’ primary food was a complete feed from Hiland Naturals: Premium Non-GMO Livestock feeds and it is:

  • Tested and Guaranteed Non-GMO
  • Tested and Guaranteed Herbicide/Pesticide Free
  • Guaranteed No Medication
  • Guaranteed 100% USA made

Our pigs also ate discarded bread from Trader Joes, scrap vegetables from the farm, and scrap vegetables from Procter Center’s kitchen (not table scraps).

How were the pigs raised?

Our pigs were 100% raised on pasture. This means they were never confined in crates, always had their hooves on the earth and a blue sky over-head (unless they escaped the rain into their shed). This also means they were raised in community with each other and allowed their natural rooting around and other social behaviors.

How will the pigs be processed?

Our pigs will be dropped off at the facility one day before they are processed. Some evidence suggests that this allows them to stop producing stress hormones which can affect meat quality. The processor will not use sodium nitrate in the curing process. He will use celery juice which has naturally occurring nitrates.

How can I purchase this wonderful pork?

We will begin selling by the Whole and Half Hog. The cost is $3.65/lb plus the processing fee (which will likely come out to $135-140). The customer pays for “hanging weight” which is about 180 lbs. if the hog was 250 lbs. “on the hoof.” So, with the processing fees included, you could expect a whole hog to cost you somewhere around $797, whereas a half-hog will cost you somewhere around $398.50. But the final bill won’t be definite until the meat is weighed.

Please visit this page to make your reservation today.

Can I choose how I want the hog cut? Can I choose a smaller hog? Larger hog?

Yes, we will contact you with a cut sheet after you make your reservation. Please make a note on your cut sheet if you want a smaller or larger hog and we’ll do our best to oblige.
We hope you join us in our mission to model sustainability by purchasing sustainably raised pork in a direct-to-consumer model. Please don’t hesitate to email Conor Gilliland at with any questions.