Our communication circuitry has shorted out and loving our neighbor is more challenging than ever. Do you yearn to be deeply heard without judgement? Do you want to restore and build deeper relationships with your family, friends and community?

“Restoring Conversations” is a 6-week workshop series that will introduce a more effective way to have civil conversations. Together, we will learn and practice a communication approach that will strengthen relationships, build interpersonal connections, improve community communications, and expand perspectives.
This invitation is extended to people of all beliefs and backgrounds. Led by Elaine Hansen and hosted and sponsored by A&HT Episcopal Church, the work is done in both large and small groups, focusing on specific techniques to engage meaningfully and constructively. We will use Community the Structure of Belonging by Peter Block as primary source material for this workshop.

Dates: Saturdays, March 4, March 11, March 18 and April 8, April 15, and April 22, 2017. Attending all six sessions is encouraged. If this is not possible, please attend as many as you are able.
Time: 10am-12pm.
Location: Ascension and Holy Trinity Church. 334 Burns Ave., Wyoming, Ohio
Cost: $25 suggested donation for the entire workshop series. Please do not let cost inhibit your attendance!
Register: Free childcare available upon request (please email vitalaht@ascensionholytrinity.com). This series is recommended for participants age 14 and older.
For more information on this workshop, visit: www.ascensionholytrinity.com