Resources from the Ecumenical and Inter-Religious Commission

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Greetings to all of you as we observe Lent. I am writing to share some interesting ecumenical and inter-religious material for your edification.

The World Council of Church’s Faith and Order Commission published “The Church: Towards a Common Vision” in 2013. This document is an interesting work in ecclesiology and mission. The document can be access through this link:

Each constituent member of the WCC was requested to offer a response to this document by 2015.  In a recent meeting of the Executive Council of The Episcopal Church, the response formulated by a team led by Dr. Ellen Wondra was commended. The following link will help you access the response as well as the Executive Council’s resolution.

Next, is a new FAQ on the Episcopal/United Methodist Church Dialogue, which can be found at:

Finally, “Returning Home: Christian Faith in Encounter with Other Faiths,” is a  Lenten program focusing on inter-religious relations. This resource was compiled by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland:

As always, please feel free to connect with me with any questions and concerns regarding ecumenical and inter-religious relationships.

Yours in Christ,


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The Rev. Canon Manoj Zacharia serves as chair of the Ecumenical and Inter-religious Commission for the Diocese of Southern Ohio. You can contact him at