There’s a lot of going out into the Evanston neighborhood at St. Andrew’s, Cincinnati. Here are just a few recent examples:

Parishioners from St. Andrew’s, along with the Hope Coalition, are involved in building with Habitat for Humanity. The plan for a new home is underway, starting soon.

Parishioners were involved in Classical Roots 2017, a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and church partnership fundraising event in early May. The program allowed churches to get additional funding whenever anyone used a code to buy tickets to the annual concert, a celebration of African American musical heritage. St. Andrew’s had several members who sang in the community choir featured at the concert.

Precious Purple Sunday,” under the umbrella of the First Ladies for Health and Cradle Cincinnati, was held in late March. On that Sunday, parishioners wore purple outfits to church to raise awareness for infant mortality. This event was also an ecumenical ministry with Christ Temple Baptist Church in Evanston.

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church Women (ECW) organized Friends and Family Day at St. Andrew’s. What a joy to see many friends and families worshipping in an Episcopal Church that day!

The 2017 Evanston Community Memorial Parade had a contingency of parishioners from St. Andrew’s. Fliers were distributed from the various ministries, inviting residents to events at church, such as the pantry and to worship at St. Andrew’s.

St. Andrew’s also continues to support Community Blend Coffee Shop about one-and-a-half blocks from the church. One of the employees of the coffee shop occasionally attends Sunday service at St. Andrew’s.

The church is involved in Campus Ministry with Xavier University. Students have attended services, and some parishioners have attended special services at the university’s Bellarmine Chapel. Additionally, St. Andrew’s is involved with the NEXUS garden, a program that offers plots to residents in Norwood, Evanston, and throughout the Xavier community. Produce from the garden is harvested and shared with the St. Andrew’s pantry.

St. Andrew’s hosted the “Start Me” program, an accelerated program sponsored by Xavier University, Evanston Community Council, Port Authority and other organizations. The program is an intensive 15-week accelerated course, covering all aspects of operating a business, which provides training and support for the most promising micro entrepreneurs in the Evanston community. The program was intended to accommodate 15 businesses. Other sponsors of this program include PNC Bank, BB&T Bank, the Neighborhood of Evanston, and the Community Building Institute. At the graduation, graduates were offered an opportunity to come to St. Andrew’s on one Sunday to tell us about their business.

St. Andrew’s marked World AIDS Day Dec. 1 at St. Joseph Catholic Church. This was a resource for community improvement and health education.

St. Andrew’s ECW at ‘Books Unplugged’

St. Andrew’s held a Book Fair in May, sponsored by St. Andrew’s ECW. Through a partnership between the ECW and the Evanston Community Recreation Center, the fair is part of the ECW outreach program. “Books Unplugged” was the theme of the fair for youth, the premise being to persuade students in the Evanston community to unplug themselves from their electronic devices for a period and reconnect to the written words or pictures in books. A commitment to the priority of reading and education inspired this initiative, and the fair offered a multitude of alternatives to reach for, while piquing the children’s interest and elevating their imaginations. The book fair received generous donations of hundreds of gently used books and new books featuring various genres and subject matter. As a result of the success of this offering, another book fair will be held in the fall.

~ Submitted by the Rev. John Agbaje and Vicki Washington, St. Andrew’s, Evanston