Stay ahead of a wave of changes and gain insight into some newer administrative best practices – join us for an informative day for your parish administrative leadership team

While we are all committed to serving our shared mission in each of our congregations, there are still changes that impact all of our churches – from the revised Clergy Pension Plan, to the latest developments with health insurance, and best practices for Employee Support. The diocesan Advisory Commission on Compensation and Resources (ACCR) would like to help your parish stay ahead of “the wave” and gain the insight needed to gracefully navigate what the changes can mean for the people who serve with us.

We invite your administrative leadership (including Treasurers, Wardens, Administrators and Rectors) to join us join us for Administrative Leadership Day on Saturday, August 19, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Procter Center. Representatives from Church Pension Group and other leading voices will be there to discuss changes and trends impacting healthcare and the Episcopal Medical Trust Plans, as well as to review the changes to the Clergy Pension Plan, and other employee support and compliance matters that impact your congregation, including a newly developed Employee Resource Guide.

The cost for Administrative Leadership Day is minimal – $15 – as we’d like as many people to be able to participate as possible. Registration is required. (Register here) If you have any questions about this event, contact the Rev. Darren Elin, ACCR chair, at 513.831.2052 or

Registration deadline is August 9.