Church of the Good Samaritan members Bryan Hosler (middle) and Laura Pemberton accept a food donation of bread and salad from Managing Partner Brian Kutcher of the Texas Roadhouse
located in Milford, Ohio.

As a small mission church, a major part of the Church of the Good Samaritan, Amelia, reason for being is to be willing to offer a helping hand to neighbors in need. One of the programs our congregation has come together to support is providing a free dinner on the last Friday of each month to anyone in the community who wants to attend.

We did this for several reasons, one of which was to meet and get to know better the people who call our community home. Another reason is to have the opportunity to serve a hot meal at a time in the month where it would help many of our senior guests stretch an already tight budget.

As time passed, our community dinners grew. Now, a main problem with success for a mission church with very limited resources is that the more successful you become, the more chance there is for you to not be able to afford to continue the program. But God does provide.

Recently we experienced this in the form of aid offered by the employees of Texas Roadhouse’s Milford location. The people who work there share our feelings about community service. When we thought we would have to discontinue our program, or at least scale it back, Texas Roadhouse stepped in and gave us the additional resources to continue the program at the same level that our guests have become used to.

Because of our community dinners we have gotten to know the Texas Roadhouse folks through their actions. To them, community outreach is not just words, but an attitude. That is why we at Good Samaritan welcome Texas Roadhouse as one of our new community partners, willing to help those less fortunate in our neighborhood.

Submitted by Charles Buhler



The Rev. John Paddock

The Rev. John Paddock was awarded a Cardinal Bernadin Community Service Award by St. Benedict the Moor Catholic Church at a banquet held on June 11. The 10 honorees of the 2017 award represent individuals who have given of themselves through their community service and faithful dedication to their church. The awards are named for Cardinal Joseph Louis Bernardin, who served as Archbishop of the Cincinnati Archdiocese, and as a Bishop and Cardinal of Chicago.



Carlos and Glenda de Jesús were honored for their nine years of leading ministry within the Latino community of our diocese at a bilingual Eucharist and dinner May 25 at the Latino Ministry Center. What began as a ministry helping one family has grown into a Homework Club serving over 60 children annually, an English class for adults serving over 25 adult learners, a community garden and much more. Carlos and Glenda were instrumental in establishing the Latino Ministry Center at the former Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in Forest Park, and have also helped to foster ministry with Latinos in Price Hill and Mt. Auburn. We thank for them for their long dedicated service in our diocese.



St. James, Piqua, decided to redo the piano we decorated last year. After being outside in the sun for a year, the piano we decorated with decoupage of neon colored paper had faded and looked like it had seen better days. After a year of collecting several different patterns and colors of Duct Tape, a small group of parishioners used the Duct Tape to recover the piano.

It was a short and sweet project – we were able to completely recover the piano in a couple of hours. Once again, the piano will be set out on our sidewalk in good weather or on our porch, for anyone to play any time they want.

Submitted by Krista Abernathy 



The Rev. Robert Hill

St. James, Piqua, is pleased to announce that the Rev. Robert Hill has joined the congregation as our extended supply priest. He will preside at services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays each month.

Fr. Hill started out here with a bang, introducing himself to everyone present at a welcome reception at the church, as well as sending a letter out to most of the inactive parishioners, telling them a little about him. St. James is very happy to have Fr. Hill be a part of our family and look forward to our future with him.

Submitted by Krista Abernathy