St. John’s, Worthington, will host on Saturday, Sept. 30, a day-long workshop to recognize the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s formal complaints – his 95 Theses – to the Church. That act is now seen as a tipping point for the full flowering of the Protestant Reformation. The workshop will begin with a focus on Luther but rapidly expand into a range of reforming movements that gained traction in 16th century Europe.

“Introduction to the Protestant Reformation” will feature a theologically diverse group of six highly respected speakers (three clergy and three academics) sharing their thoughts about seven pivotal 16th century reformers: Martin Luther & Philip Melanchthon, Huldrych Zwingli, John Calvin & John Knox, Menno Simons & the Anabaptists, and Thomas Cranmer.

Join us as we learn together about the onset and shifting nature of the Reformation: who were the major reformers, what were their beliefs, how were they similar and different, who were their adherents, and where do we see their theologies in modern Protestant denominations?

Coffee, lunch, and a reception are all included in the price of admission. Tickets purchased in advance will cost $25 (non-St. John’s members) while tickets purchased at the door (subject to availability) will be $30.

More information – including the full schedule and registration form – can be found on the church’s website:

St. John’s is located at 700 High Street in Worthington.


Meet the speakers

Martin Luther and Philip Melanchthon 
The Rev. Dr. Chuck Peterson, Old Trinity Lutheran Church, Columbus, Ohio

Huldrych Zwingli
Dr. Fritz Graf, Distinguished University Professor, Director of Epigraphy, Department of Classics, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

John Calvin and John Knox 
Dr. Sally Stamper, Assistant Professor of Religion, Capital University, Columbus, Ohio

Menno Simons and the Anabaptists
Pastor Joel Miller, Columbus Mennonite Church, Columbus, Ohio

Thomas Cranmer
Dr. Diane Lobody, Professor of Church History in the Nippert Endowed Chair of Church History and Wesleyan Studies and Director, Doctor of Ministry Program, Methodist Theological School in Ohio, Delaware, Ohio

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