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On Monday, September 4, Karl Stevens wrote about how Moses doesn’t really belong to either the Egyptians or the Hebrews. He’s a stranger to both, and it was his very strangeness that helped him lead. You can read his post here:

On Wednesday, September 6, George Glazier drew inspiration from both the story of the Burning Bush and from the Desert Fathers to talk about how we, as a church and as individuals, might be inspired by God. You can read his post here:

On Thursday, September 7,Rabbi Daniel Bogard led Karl Stevens in a Chevruta Bible Study of Exodus as part of their ongoing podcast “Lost in the Wilderness: A Priest and a Rabbi Explore Exodus.” You can find it on iTunes or wherever you go for podcasts, or listen to it here:

On Friday, September 8, The Living Church ran an article on the Exodus Big Read written by our own Cal Lane. You can read it here: