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On Tuesday, September 12, we took some time to consider Eleanor Wilner’s great poem Epitaph, about Pharaoh’s daughter. You can read the poem here:

On Wednesday, September 13, Rabbi Daniel Bogard led Karl Stevens in a Chevruta Bible Study of Exodus as part of their ongoing podcast “Lost in the Wilderness: A Priest and a Rabbi Explore Exodus.” You can find it on iTunes or wherever you go for podcasts, or listen to it here:

On Thursday, September 14, Columbus artist Cody F. Miller shared about his painting “Moses’s Mother.” You can view the painting and read his comments here:

On Saturday, September 16, we held the Bishop’s Exodus Convocation at the Procter Center. Many more articles about this will doubtless appear in Connections and eConnections, but we shared some pictures and thoughts on the website as well. You can view them here:

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