Learning the Tenderness of God: Walking Together in a New Way

Christ Church Glendale Retreat
October 6, 6 to 9 p.m.
October 7, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

On this retreat we will explore how our personal journeys give texture to our individual vocations to love even as we share a common life that requires us to journey well together. Recalling moments of encounter, of confusion, and of God’s generosity, we will piece together elements of our past in order to envision new way forward in a challenging world. There will be times of common reflection, individual prayer, silence, and fellowship.

NOTE: The retreat will be supported by the book, The Tenderness of God: Reclaiming Our Humanity, by Gillian T. W. Ahlgren, available for purchase prior to the retreat at www.amazon.com. A few copies will also be available at the retreat for purchase.

SYNOPSIS: Francis and Clare of Assisi model for us “the revolution of tenderness,” the gospel way that changes who we are. Their words point to a more authentic way of living out our relationships with God and with one another. As we learn to recognize and collaborate with the presence of God in the world around us, we gain access to a joy no one can take from us. (p. xiii)

Christ Church is located at 965 Forest Avenue inĀ Glendale. CallĀ 513.771.1544 for more information.

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