Help send kids to camp!

We want as many children as possible to know the joy of summer camp. Children need the freedom that camp brings…no cell phones, no parents, no peer pressure. Just the pure joy of being a child at camp.  Free to make decisions about what they will wear that day, whether they will go swimming or not. Free to express joys and sorrow during devotions in their cabins at night. Free to experience the most glorious sunsets, a blaze of stars at night and a moon that shines big and bright to light the night. Free to dream about the next day’s adventures while gazing into the campfire as they sing their favorite camp songs. Free to experience God’s love in a safe and nurturing place.

Will you consider a gift to help more children experience the joy of summer camp at Procter?

What can we at Procter do to help all those suffering from drug addiction and the incredible loss that the children feel who have been left behind from this epidemic?

In 2018 Procter will be starting a grief camp for children who have lost a loved one to addiction

So many times, these children are left with no one to talk to or a way to process this profound loss. Not to mention the stigma that surrounds those children who have had a family member die from a drug overdose. This special week of camp will have professional grief counselors on staff to lead the group therapy sessions and be there for the campers 24/7. These are kids who want to know what normal is again. Ninety percent of the time at camp will be just that…camp.

Ten percent of the time, one activity period a day, will be spent in group therapy sessions with the professional counselors on staff that week. It is at night that they often want to talk about what has happened and the grief counselors will be there with them during devotionals and for as long as they need them. Our camp counselors will be there for the kids as well, in the cabins and leading the children through all the fun camp activities such as swimming, canoeing, nature exploration, gaga ball, shaving cream whiffle ball and so much more.

In talking to the folks in Madison County, the need for this is overwhelming. The schools are asking for support and no one is delivering a service like this. Procter Grief camp can be a sanctuary for these children. A place of light in the dark. A place to come for peace and a place to find their joy again. We don’t have funding for this project, but the time is now and the need is great. With your generous gift, the children will be accepted into camp regardless of their ability to pay.

Will you help us get this grief camp off the ground to serve these children in our diocese that have lost a loved one to drug addiction?

This year we are excited to participate in the Big Give, a 26-hour giving rally sponsored by the Columbus Foundation from Oct 10 beginning at 10 a.m. through Oct 11 at noon. This a great opportunity for Procter, as the area has been increased to include Madison County. The Columbus Foundation, its family of donors, and community and corporate partners have provided a $1.3 Million+ Bonus Pool. Donations received during the event will be amplified by Bonus Pool funds on a pro rata basis. Everyone who gives will have their donation(s) increased. In addition, the Foundation is covering all credit card fees, so 100% of donations received will go to Procter. Check out Procter Center Giving Store Profile at

Thank you for supporting your Procter Center and the children that we serve. Watch and share our social media channels as we rally our supporters for the Big Give. We appreciate you and send heartfelt blessings your way.

Amy R. Boyd, Executive Director                             The Rev. Frank Edmands, 1st Vice-Chair