News from Procter Center

Thank you!

A great big thank you to everyone who contributed to Procter Center during the Big Give! Preliminary results show that Procter received 28 transactions totaling $3,246.84, including bonus pool funds, during The Big Give! We are will not have the list of contributors until Nov. 30 at which time we will joyously send out thank you notes. Thank you again to everyone who invested in Procter as we reach out to serve those children who have had a loved one die due to drug overdose.


Procter pork and chicken for sale

Heritage breed pigs were raised on pasture, free to roam and root in the soil to forage for grass seeds and insects while fertilizing the gardens at Procter. On a warm summer day, you would find our pigs lounging in their self-created mud pit, wagging their tails as they root around in the soil.

Our chickens are raised on pasture in a “chicken tractor”. This is a lightweight moveable chicken coop built from PVC pipes. The tractor is moved everyday so the chickens are always on fresh grass. This helps to keep them clean, allowing them to forage for grass, seeds and insects, as well as helps to fertilize next year’s garden.

Studies show pork and chickens raised on pasture have superior nutritional quality compared to conventionally-raised pork, and chicken with more nutrients and lower total fat content. Our pigs and chickens are always fed a diet free of GMOs, chemicals and medications.

Please contact Robin at 740.206.2036 or  if you are interested in buying any meat. It is always available for sale at Procter if you are there for a meeting.