If you or someone you care about doesn’t have health insurance, check out your options on Healthcare.gov before Friday.

Federal subsidies are still in place to reduce premiums, deductibles and cost-sharing. This is especially important for:
• Self-employed people, whose eligibility is based on net business income, like 56-year-old artist Mary Bohn of Dayton, who just signed up for a 2018 plan that will cost her $26 a month, with a $1,950 deductible.
• Your young adult children over 18 who are in entry-level jobs without benefits will almost certainly qualify for discounts on premiums, deductibles and copays. Those making less than $16,600 can enroll in Medicaid, which is free and includes dental and vision.
• Legal immigrants who are not eligible for Medicaid may qualify for help through Healthcare.gov, such as Priya Kumayan’s 72 year old mother, a permanent resident who qualified for coverage at $65 a month with a $650 deductible

You can window-shop to see how much help you can get and what savings you qualify for to reduce premiums and out-of-pocket expenses.
1. going to Healthcare.gov,
2. clicking on “Get Covered” on the upper left,
3. then clicking on See Plans and Prices on lower right of the next screen.

You can enter your preferred doctors and prescriptions to see which plans include them.

There is also a widget for comparing annual costs (premiums + out of pocket cost) based on your estimated level of health care use. Only silver plans qualify for the cost-sharing reductions for deductibles and copays.

If you get stuck, please email me at arielmillerwriter@gmail.com and I can help you (I am a volunteer certified application counselor, one of the assisters who provide free help to people trying to find the right plan. You can also click on “find local help” on the bottom of the home page of Healthcare.gov I recommend that you look for “assisters,” since they are required to give you unbiased help and do not represent any insurance company.
Remember the deadline is Dec. 15 – six weeks earlier than last year.
Thanks to Jan-Michele Kearney of Christ Church Cathedral for helping to get the word out on her TV show Issues:

Submitted by Ariel Miller, Ascension & Holy Trinity, Wyoming

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