The Episcopal Church, including the Diocese of Southern Ohio, has adopted the “Becoming Beloved Community” initiative.  This initiative calls for us to follow four paths:

  • Telling the Truth about the Church and Race: What things have we done, and left undone, regarding racial justice and healing?
  • Proclaiming the Dream of Beloved Community: What does Beloved Community look like in this place?
  • Practicing the Way of Love: How will we actively grow relationship across dividing walls and seek Christ in the other?
  • Repairing the Breach in Society and Institutions: How will we participate in repair, restoration and healing of people, institutions and systems?

You can learn more about Becoming Beloved Community here:

Do you have an idea for a project that will help us live into the Becoming Beloved Community initiative?  The Budget Committee is looking for projects to fund through the 2019 budget.  You can find the simplified application form here.

Applications must be received by June 1, 2018.  Please contact David Robinson with any questions.