The House of Deputies is one of the legislative houses of the bicameral General Convention of the Episcopal Church. The House of Deputies has equal numbers of clergy and lay deputies elected by each of the 109 dioceses and one convocation of Episcopal Church congregations in Europe. Like bishops, deputies cannot be instructed to vote one way or another by their diocese. They agree to come to General Convention with open hearts so that they can prayerfully listen to others and be led by the Holy Spirit.

Southern Ohio’s deputies to the 79th General Convention were elected at our 142nd annual convention in 2016. 

Deputies, Clerical order:

The Rev. Canon Scott Gunn, Executive Director of Forward Movement and honorary canon at Christ Church Cathedral
The Rev. Canon Manoj Zacharia, Sub-dean at Christ Church Cathedral
The Rev. Paula Jackson, Rector of Church of Our Saviour, Cincinnati
The Rev. Jason Prati, Rector of All Saints, New Albany


The Rev. Dick Burnett, Rector of Trinity, Columbus
The Rev. John Agbaje, Rector of St. Andrew’s, Cincinnati
The Rev. Suzanne LeVesconte, Rector of Trinity, Hamilton

Deputies, Lay order: 

Cathy Bagot, Trinity, Newark
Meghan Western, St. James, Columbus
Elizabeth Barker, St. Patrick’s, Dublin
Deborah Stokes, St. Philip’s, Columbus


Harold Patrick, St. Matthew’s, Westerville
Eric Schryver, St. George’s, Dayton
David Jones, St. James, Piqua