The Columbus Sanctuary Collective invites organizers, faith communities, activists, faith leaders, organizations and individuals to a convening around the growing sanctuary movement in Ohio on Tuesday, June 5, at Columbus Mennonite Church.

Learning from our experience with Solidarity with Edith Espinal, we will gather to share what we have learned and how to continue and grow Sanctuary as Resistance.

– What is sanctuary in 2018?
– The discernment process of Sanctuary
– What do faith communities need to know to become a sanctuary church
– Connecting and being led by the sanctuary leaders.
– Sanctuary as Radical Resistance
– Expanded Sanctuary, and intersectionality with other local struggles (policing, refugee, LGBTQI)
– Sanctuary as bringing together the religious faith community and organizing/activist community
– Sanctuary as community restoration/transformation
– Rapid Response networks

Columbus Mennonite Church is located at 35 Oakland Park Drive in Columbus. Learn more at