St. Margaret’s, Dayton, is working with two other churches in the community (Zion Baptist and Corinthian Baptist) to offer a free six-week summer school tutoring program in reading and math for students in grades Pre-K – 3rd grades.

Dayton Scholars is a literacy program that is community based, serving elementary school age children in Dayton who are in need of math and reading instruction. The program includes math and reading, as well as lunch and recreation at the three sites in the Dayton Area.

The mission of Dayton Scholars is to support and encourage the academically struggling (low income) youth by providing intense literacy instruction and enrichment programs to achieve measureable success and lifelong learning.

The program will run June 11 – July 20, from 8:15 a.m. to 3 p.m. for students in grades Pre-K – 3rd grade. (No program will be offered  July 3 or 4) 125 spots are available.

Students will experience:

1. Development of Learning Skills
2. Extensive Literacy Tutoring
3. Enrichment activities including: math, reading, sports and arts & crafts

St. Margaret’s is located at 5301 Free Pike in Trotwood.  Call 937.837.7741 or e-mail for more information.