Bishop Breidenthal has appointed the Rev. Tom and Nancye Van Brunt to serve as chaplains to the retired clergy and spouses.

Nancye and Tom have been married for 49 years, and live in Cincinnati at Twin Towers Retirement Community. Their daughter Alice is a priest in this diocese, and also lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two children and a dog. Their son, Trevor, is a medical technology specialist at the Ohio State University Hospital in Columbus.

Tom and Nancye have each earned a Ph.D. in Theatre and Drama; Nancye from the University of Georgia and Tom from Indiana University. Nancye has worked as a theatre costumer, teacher of Public Speaking and custom picture framer. She now serves as a standardized patient for the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and a poll supervisor on election days. Tom was college professor of theatre and has served parishes in the Dioceses of Lexington, Upper South Carolina, and Indianapolis as well as Southern Ohio. He is currently serving as the Long Term Supply Priest at St. Mary Magdalene in Maineville.