Resolutions Overview 

The Episcopal Church has one of the largest bicameral governments (a legislative body with two branches or chambers) in the world. Our government has two houses; the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies (which is made up of elected priests and laity from each diocese). Between the two houses, we have about 1,000 representatives. This makes the Episcopal Church the second largest bicameral government in the world. The United Kingdom is the largest with 1,441 members.

While working on the Declaration of Independence, our founders realized that once we won our independence from England we could no longer be the Church of England. Our governmental body might seem familiar because several of those working on the Declaration of Independence during the day worked on the charter for the Episcopal Church at night.

Below you will find a list of the legislation being considered at this year’s convention and where each item stands. Click here for more details about the legislation items.

*Note that chart has a search function.  You can search for a particular resolution or a particular action.  For example, search for the word “adopt” you’ll see all of the resolutions which have been adopted.  

A001 Site of 81st General Convention (2024)
A002 General Convention Daily AgendaConcurAdopt
A003 Amend Canon I.1.14(a) on General Convention Approval of Sites for General ConventionAdoptConcur
A004 Amend Joint Rule VII.18Adopt with AmendmentBishops have voted to put this resolution on the HoB consent calendar. HoDRRC passed second review on 07-06.
A005 Continue a Church-wide Network for Planting ChurchesAdopt with Amendment
A006 Collect Demographic Data of LeadershipReject
A007 Establish Committee to Study Relationship of Episcopal Seminaries with General Convention, One Another and the Wider Church
A008 Continuing the Advisory Council on the Stewardship of CreationTake No Further Action
A009 Creating Greening LoansTake No Further Action
A010 The Planting of "Paris Groves"Adopt with Amendment
A011 Oppose Environmental RacismAdopt with Substitute
A012 On the Importance of Ecumenical and Interfaith Relationships for the Stewardship of Creation
A013 Facilitating the Development of the Church's Ministry of the Care of CreationAdopt with Amendment - Floor Changes
A014 The Use of Carbon OffsetsAdopt with Amendment
A015 Anti-Racism/Diversity/Bias Awareness Training for Interim Bodies
A016 Trial Use of Creation Care Language in the Baptismal Covenant
A017 Creation Liturgies in Prayer Book Revision
A018 Episcopalians Participating in Paris Climate AgreementAdopt with Amendment
A019 Create a Task Force To Study and Report on the Intersection of Evangelism, Church Planting and Care of Creation
A020 Fossil Fuel Divestment
A021 Amend Canon to an Interim BodyRefer to General Board of Examining ChaplainsConcur
A022 Create a Formation Networking Team
A023 Assist Vocation Discernment Groups
A024 Forming Culturally Diverse Clergy
A025 Bishops and Small-Congregation Clergy
A026 Identify Effective Formation Models
A027 New Funding for Clergy Formation
A028 Salary for the President of the House of DeputiesTake No Further Action
A029 Commend the Evangelism Charter for the Church to All Episcopalians
A030 Small Evangelism GrantsAdopt with Amendment
A031 Fund a full time Evangelism Staff OfficerReject
A032 Congregational RedevelopmentAdopt with Amendment
A033 Supporting and Expanding Episcopal Youth EventsAdopt with Amendment
A034 Supporting General Convention Children's ProgramAdopt
A035 Commend "The Church Towards A Common Vision"Adopt with Amendment
A036 Affirm Ongoing Work and Dialogue with Ecumenical BodiesAdopt with Amendment
A037 Encourage Interfaith EngagementAdopt with Amendment
A038 Affirm Inter-Anglican SecretariatConcurAdopt
A039 Affirm the Work of The Episcopal Church at the United NationsAdopt with Amendment
A040 Formal Response to "The Church: Towards a Common Vision"Take No Further Action
A041 Episcopal Church-United Methodist DialogueAdopt with Amendment
A042 Proposed Name Change for EC Committee on Anti-Racism
A043 Clarify and Update Mandate
A044 Establishing an Anti-Racism/Racial Reconciliation Certification Framework: Building Capacity for Becoming Beloved Community
A045 Revision and Reminder of Anti-Racism Training Requirement
A046 Host a Racial Reconciliation Awards ProgramReject
A047 Ethical Investments
A048 Establish Committee to Oversee Creation of Training MaterialsAdopt with Substitute This is a Consolidated Substitution. The other resolutions are A049 and A050. HoDRRC passes this substitution on second review 07-06
A049 Host Model Policies on DFMS WebsiteTake No Further ActionResolution addressed in amended A048. HoDRRC passes this on second review 07-06.
A050 Funding for Safe Church TrainingTake No Further ActionThis resolution is addressed in the amended A048. HoDRRC passed on second review 07-06
A051 Modify Parochial ReportAdopt with Amendment
A052 Matters Pertaining to The Episcopal Church in Cuba
A053 Design a New Parochial Report Adopt with Amendment
A054 An Offering of Prayer for the Whole Church
A055 Develop Multicultural Ministry Pathways Adopt with Amendment
A057 Strengthen Staff Resources for Networking Adopt with AmendmentResolution Review Committee notified.
A058 Encourage Use of Asset Map AdoptHoDRRC passes this on second review. NOTE: remove "; and be if further" in para. 1 07-06
A059 Amend HOD Rules of Order III - Additional Duties of DeputiesReject
A060 Create a Task Force to Study Church's Pension SystemAdopt with Substitute
A061 Create a Task Force on Theology of Money
A062Discharge and Refer to a Different Committee
(02 - Constitution and Canons)
A063 Amend Article X of the Constitution of the Episcopal Church (First Reading)Adopt
A064 Authorize the Book of Occasional Services, 2018
A065 Authorize Lesser Feasts and Fasts 2018
A066 Add Thurgood Marshall, Pauli Murray, and Florence Li Tim-Oi to Lesser Feasts and Fasts, 2018
A067 Propose Additional Optional Fast Days for Lesser Feasts and Fasts
A068 Plan for the Revision of the Book of Common PrayerAdopt with Amendment- Floor Changes
A069 Engagement with the Book of Common Prayer
A070 Translation of the Book of Common PrayerAdopt
A071 Provincial VitalityTake No Further Action
A072 Provincial Geographic BoundariesAdopt with Substitute
A073 Mandates to ProvincesAdopt with Substitute
A074 The Prophetic Voice of ProvincesTake No Further Action
A075 Executive Council Representatives from ProvincesAdopt with Substitute
A076 Amend Canon I.1.14(c)
A077 Amend Canon I.7.1(a)
A078 Amend Canon I.9.2-13
A079 Amend Canon I.11.3(c)
A080 A Season of Provincial DiscernmentTake No Further Action
A081 An Episcopal Theology of EvangelismAdopt
A082 Training for [Digital] EvangelistsAdopt with Amendment
A083 Implementation of The Way Forward - Establishing an Effective and Efficient 21st Century SeminaryAdopt
A084 Amend Canon III.12.9-12AdoptConcur
A085 Trial Use of Marriage Liturgies
A086 Authorize Rites to Bless Relationships
A087 Develop Relationship Pastoral ResourcesAdopt with Amendment
A088 Proposed Guidelines for Amending Church Records
A089 Amend Articles VI and VIII regarding Full CommunionAdopt
A090 Amend Canons regarding Full CommunionAdoptConcur
A091 Amend Canon III.9 and III.7 - Equity in Clergy Hiring and Appointment PracticesReject
A092 Amend Canons - Reception of Clergy from Churches in Apostolic Succession
A093 Amend Canon III.8.7(f)- Deacons who subsequently seek ordination to the priesthoodAdopt with Amendment
A094 Amend Canon III.4.1(b) for Clarity regarding Bishop Suffragan of the Armed ForcesAdoptConcur
A095 Amend Canon IV.4.1Adopt with AmendmentConcur
A096 Amend Canons pertaining to Convocation of Episcopal Churches in EuropeAdoptConcur
A097 Amend Canons III.7.11(a)(3) and III.12.8(a)(3) regarding Return of Clergy After Release and RemovalAdopt with Amendment 7/6 Passes HoDRRC review with amended explanation. The phrase "in good standing of this Church" is vague and not consistently used throughout the canons. Thus we have struck that language. We have offered some grammatical changes which we are in support of. The bishops voted to put this on the HoB consent calendar.
A098 Amend Canon III.12.10 - Timelines and Pastoral Response in MediationAdopt
A099 Amend Canon I.1(b) - Call Meeting of House of Deputies
A100 Clarify Secretary of Convention versus Secretary of House of Deputies
A101 Amend Canon I.4.1(d) related to DFMS By-laws
A102 Create a Task Force on Budget Process
A103 Amend Joint Rules, Section VII
A104 Amend Title I.1.1(b)
A105 Amend Canon I.8.2 - Provide Background Checks for Nominees
A106 Amend Joint Rules Related to a Joint Session
A107 Amend Canon III.11.2 Regarding the Election of a BishopAdoptConcur
A108 Amend Canon III.6.5(g) Addressing Harassment and Sexual MisconductAdopt with Amendment
A109 Create Task Force on Sexual HarassmentAdopt with Amendment
A110 Amendments to Title IV - Creating a Single Court of ReviewAdopt
A111 Amend Article V of the Constitution (Second Reading)
A112 Establish a Task Force on Diocesan VitalityTake No Further ActionFor HOB Consent Calendar. HoDRRC agrees with motion to take no further action. 07-06
A113 Amend Article V.4 of the ConstitutionRefer to an Interim Body
A114 Amend I.10 Regarding the Union of Dioceses
A115 Adopt and Implement Charter for SafetyAdopt with Amendment
A116 Amend Canon I.1.2(n) regarding Title IV Training
A117 Amend Canon IV.6.9Refer to an Interim Body
A118 Amend Canon IV.13 and Canon IV.14.7
A119 Amend Canon IV.15
A120 Amend IV.19.30 to Create Discipline Database, Amend III.12.7(c) and IV.13.11
A121 Amend Canon IV.2 Remove Definition of Procedural OfficerAdopt
A122 Amend Article IX to change Removal to AdmonitionAdopt
A123 Amend Canon IV.3.1 - Addressing misrepresentation in Ordination process and clarify sexual misconduct
A124 Amend Canon IV.2 Terminology of Sexual Misconduct
A125 Amend Canon IV.2 and IV.13 pertaining to Declining to Advance ProceedingsRefer to an Interim Body
A126 Amend Canon IV.19 - Recommend Repeal of IV.19.31
A127 Amend Canon IV.17.3 - Membership on Disciplinary Board for BishopsAdopt
A128 Amend Canon IV.2 - Composition of a Conference PanelReject
A129 Amend Canon IV.19.30(a)(1) - Retention of Records
A130 Amend Canon III.12.7 - Correcting for UniformityAdoptConcur
A131 Amend Canon IV.14.5 - Clarity About AccordsAdopt
A132 Amend Canon IV.14 Notice of Accords
A133 Amend Canon IV.6 -Timing of Reference Panel Meetings
A134 Amend Canon IV.12.3 - Conference Panel ProcessAdopt
A135 Examine Cultural Homogeneity of the Canons
A136 Establish a Standing Commission on Formation and Ministry DevelopmentReject
A137 Request Budget Allocation for Work of Standing Commission on Structure, Governance, Constitution and CanonsTake No Further Action
A138 Transmission of Demographic Data from Episcopal Elections
A139 Analysis of Data from Episcopal Elections
A140 Diversity Guidelines for Episcopal Elections
A141 Training of Transition Consultants
A142 Adoption of Episcopal Election Procedures by Dioceses
A143 Study Career Development of Female and Minority Clergy
A144 Diocesan Missional ReviewAdopt with AmendmentEXPLANATION It has become more commonplace for a clergy vacancy within local congregations of a diocese to prompt a time of discernment beyond that particular congregation. Dioceses are encouraging individual congregations to look for synergies and opportunities within a wider missional area as a matter of practice – and separately from the existence of a vacancy in the clergy leadership. Through the work of partnerships, shared ministry, and regional teams, individual congregations whose resources to stand alone may be insufficient have found and are finding new models for combination and collaboration and for being the Church in their mission field(s). A missional review process would prompt a diocese to engage in a comparable discernment and reflection process, regardless of an anticipated or existing episcopal vacancy.
A145 Urging Adoption of Local Canons Relating to Episcopal Elections
A146 Revisions to The Raising Up of Episcopal Leadership - A Manual for Dioceses in Transition
A147 Pilot Board for Episcopal TransitionsAdopt with Amendment
A148 Amend Canons III.11.1, III.11.3 and III.11.9(c)
A149 Reorganize the Board of Directors of The College for BishopsAdopt with Amendment
A150 Amend Article I.2 of the ConstitutionAdopt with Amendment
A151 Amend Article I.4-8 of the ConstitutionAdopt with Amendment
A152 Amend Article III of the ConstitutionAdopt
A153 Amend Article IV of the ConstitutionAdopt
A154 Amend Canon I.13.3(a)AdoptBishops voted to add to HoB Consent Calendar.
A155 Amend Canon III.5.1(c)
A156 Amend Canon III.11.1
A157 Amend Canon III.11.2AdoptConcur
A158 Amend Canon III.11.3(a)(1)
A159 Amend Canon III.11.3(a) (third paragraph) and III.11.4RejectThe vote to reject was made in consideration of the dioceses where meeting more often than semi-annually or quarterly imposes significant geographical and financial challenge. An additional note is that the average turnaround time for a consent is 85 days, far more than the 60 written in the resolution. Bishops voted to put this on the HoB consent calendar.
A160 Amend Canon III.11.9(a)
A161 Amend Canon III.9(b)
A162 Amend Canons III.11.9(c)(1) and III.9(c)(4)
A163 Amend Canon III.11 to add Canon III.11.10Reject
A164 Amend Canon III.12.2Reject
A165 Amend Canon III.12.3 to add Section 3(f)Take No Further Action
A166 Amend Canon III.12.4(c) and add Canon III.12.4(d)Adopt with Amendment
A167 Amend Canon III.12.5
A168 Amend Canon III.12.9(a)
A169 Amend Canon III.12.9(l) and Canon III.12.9(m)Adopt with Amendment
A170 Amend Canon III.12.12(a)Adopt
A171 Amend Canon III.13Adopt with Amendment
A172 Amend Canon I.2.3
A173 Amend Canon I.2.1(a-f)
A174 Create Advisory Committee on Ecumenical and Interreligious Relations
A175 Amend Article II.7 - Second ReadingAdoptBishops voted to add to HoB Consent Calendar
A176 Amend Article V - second reading
A177 Amend Article I.1 - second readingAdopt
A178 Halt the Intensification and Implementation of Immigration Policies and Practices that are Harmful to Migrant Women, Parents and Children
A179 Amend Canon I.1.2(o) - Creating Task ForcesAdoptBishops voted to add to HoB Consent Calendar.
A180 Amend Article V, Section 1 - Admission of a diocese First reading
A181 Liability Insurance for ClergyAdopt
A182 Discipline of Priests and Deacons at the Provincial or Church Wide Level
A183 Amend Article IX - First reading
A184 Amend Title III.8.5(h)Adopt
A185 Amend House of Deputies Rule of Order XII.DAdopt with Amendment (HoD only)This message replaces HoD message #6
A186 Amend House of Deputies Rule of Order XVAdopt with Amendment (HoD only)
A187 Amend HOD Rules of Order XIVAdopt with Amendment (HoD only)
A188 Amend HOD Rules of Order IIAdopt (HoD only)
A189 Create Task Force to Develop Process for Substance Abuse
A190 Church Pension Fund
A191 Official Youth Presence
A192 Church Publishing
A193 Amend Rules of Order XVIRejectInformation only
A194 Study Revision of Joint Rules of OrderAdopt with Amendment
A195 Establishing a Staff Person for Liturgy and Music on the Staff of the Presiding Bishop
A196 Fund a Full-time Evangelism Staff OfficerAdopt
A197 Expressing Gratitude to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Royal Family
A198 Express Gratitude for the Royal Wedding Sermon
A199 Give Thanks to the Staff, Legislative Leadership, and Ministers of Hospitality and Organizations
A200 Congratulations to The Widows Corporations
A201 Thanking Episcopalians for the Response to 2017 Disasters
A202 Appreciation for the House of Bishops' Listening Session
A203 Give Thanks to the People of Austin
A204 Give Thanks to the Diocese of Texas for Hosting Convention
A205 Give Thanks to the Diocese of Texas and to City of Austin Hosts
A206 Extend Greetings to the United Methodist Church
A207 Encouraging Mission a Part of the Beloved CommunityAdopt with Amendment
A208 Establish a Standing Commission on World Mission
A209 Reunification with La Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba
A210 Gratitude for Bishops' Witness Against Gun Violence
A211 Celebrate Diocesan Anniversaries
A212 Thanking Episcopalians for the Response to 2017 Disasters
A213 Promoting Energy and Water Efficiency Across The Church
A214 Preparing for Admission of La Iglesia Episcopal de Cuba
A215 Solidarity with the People of Venezuela
A216 Calendar ReformationAdopt with Amendment
A217 Consultation of Common Revised Common Lectionary Daily ReadingsAdopt
A218 The Proposed Book of Occasional Services 2018
A219 Refer Portions of The Proposed Book of Occasional Services 2018Adopt
A220 Translations and Interpretations
A221 Collaboration and Networking
A222 Against Caste- and Descent- Based Discrimination
A223 Family Leave Policies
A224 Gratitude for the Seminary of the Southwest
A225 On the Importance of Ecumenism for Becoming Beloved Community
A226 Site of 81st Convention (2024)
A227 Communion Across Difference
A228 Beloved Community Summit: Igniting the Church to be Bold Agents for Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation
A229 Condemnation of Racial Discrimination and Encouragement to Confront Racism
A230 Deploring the Sin of Scapegoating in Politics
A231 Celebrate Episcopal Church Women and United Thank Offering
A232 Gratitude for the Young Adult Festival
A233 Honor the Right Reverend Mary Adelia McLeod
A234 Express Gratitude to the Very Rev. George L. W. Werner
A235 Send Greetings to Ms. Virginia Collins
A236 Express Gratitude to Canon Dr. Bonnie Anderson
A237 Investigation of Pension Parity Resolution
B001 Set Rates for Funding Church Budget
B002 Anti-CorruptionAdopt with Amendment
B003 On the Status of JerusalemAdopt with Substitute
B004 Eliminate Usage of Term Anti-Racism
B005 Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue
B006 Amend Canon I.17
B007 Ethical Investing in Gun Manufacturers
B008 Stewardship in Communities of ColorAdopt with Amendment
B009 Civil DiscourseAdopt
B010 Concerning the Service of the ChurchRefer to an Interim BodyRefer to the SCLM
B011 Inclusive Language Policies for Episcopal Seminaries and Formation Programs
B012 Marriage Rites for the Whole ChurchAdopt with Amendment - Floor Changes
B013 Response to Yemen Humanitarian CrisisAdopt with Amendment
B014 Director's Fees for the President of the House of DeputiesAdopt with Amendment
B015 Giving Thanks for the Ministry of George McGonigle
B016 Adopt ELCA Action on Israel/Palestine
B017 Financial Support for Administering the Episcopal Service CorpsAdopt
B018 A Resolution For Reconciliation and Engagement in the Holy LandTake No Further Action
B019 Impact Investing for Palestine
B020 Honoring the Church Pension Fund
B021 Support Aid to Palestinian RefugeesAdopt
B022 Support for the Episcopal Church in the Philippines and Joint Efforts to Continue the Jesus Movement Scholarship ProgramAdopt with Amendment
B023 Armenian Rite for Holy Cross DayAdopt
B024 Police Killings and Mental Illness
B025 Water as a Human Right
C001 Reduced Enforcement of Immigration
C002 Support Legislation for a Clean DREAM Act
C003 Way of Light LiturgyRefer to an Interim BodySCLM
C004 Study the Implications of Expanding Paid Family LeaveTake No Further Action
C005 Appoint Task Force to Study Implementation of Canon III.1
C006 Guidelines for Inclusion of Transgender Youth in our Churches, Schools, and Camps Take No Further Action
C007 Commend and Reconcile Baptismal Covenant to Reflect Our Unity With All CreationTake No Further Action
C008 Advocacy for Creation CareAdopt with Amendment 7/6 Passes HoDRRC review with amended explanation. PB&F to be notified that resolution now calls for budget allocation
C009 Becoming A Sanctuary Church
C010 Anniversary of The Corporation for the Relief of Widows and Children of Clergy
C011 The Widows Corporation Anniversary 
C012 Add Origen of Alexandria to the Church CalendarRefer to an Interim BodySCLM
C013 Against Human TraffickingDischarge and Refer to a Different Committee (07- Social Justice and International Policy)
C014 Suicide Prevention Advocacy and Clergy Training
C015 Stricter Guidelines for "Lunch Box" Guns
C016 The Widows Corporation Anniversary
C017 A Just Peace in the Holy Land
C018 Becoming a Sanctuary Church
C019 Church-Wide Paid Family Leave Policy
C020 Carbon TaxAdopt with Amendment
C021 Climate Change and additional support for EC Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility
C022 Supporting Transgender AccessAdopt with Amendment
C023 Medical Trust Provider OptionAdopt with Amendment
C024 Translations of Book of Common PrayerAdopt with Amendment
C025 Amend Canons I.9.1, II.3.6(d) and III.5.1(b)AdoptConcur
C026 Amend Canon I.20.1 - Building Full communion with Church of Sweden
C027 The Celebration of the life and work of Dorothy Day, Christian ActivistRefer to an Interim BodyCLM
C028 Amend Canon II.4
C029 Clergy Compensation by RaceAdopt with Amendment
C030 Proposed Baptismal Covenant Language
C031 Minimize Gendered Language in the BCP
C032 Against Human Trafficking
C033 Respecting the Dignity of Immigrants
C034 Ministry to People with Mental Illness and their FamiliesAdopt with Substitute
C035 Due Process For Palestinian Children in Israeli Military CourtsRejectTake No Further Action Refer to B003.
C036 Create Task Force to Implement Title III, Canon 1
C037 Call to Respond to Opioid Epidemic
C038 Safeguard the Rights of Palestinian Children
C039 Amend Parochial ReportTake No Further Action
C040 Amend Canon III.4.1(a)Reject
C041 Repair America's Safety NetAdopt with AmendmentSent to resolution review committee. House of Bishops Committee voted to send to consent calendar
C042 Climate Change: Corporate Governance
C043 Per Diem Compensation for the President of the House of DeputiesTake No Further Action
C044 Create Task Force to Implement Title III, Canon 1
C045 Amend Article I Section 4 - first reading
C046 Commemorating Appleton Deaconesses
C047 Support of One Person, One Vote
C048 Inclusion of a Hymn in Honor of Artemisia Bowden
C049 Support Producers of Locally Grown Food
C050 SanctuaryReject
C051 Include The Way of Light Liturgy in Book of Occasional ServicesTake No Further ActionThis is identical to C003 which was referred to SCLM
C052 Paid Family LeaveTake No Further Action
C053 Implementation of Canon III.1Take No Further ActionSimilar Resolutions C005 and C036, of which another committee will pursue.
C054 Inclusion of Transgender People
C055 Commemoration of Father Paul WattsonRefer to an Interim BodySCLM
C056 Create a Task Force on Full InclusionRefer to an Interim BodyRefer to Executive Council. No objection from HoDRRC to referral, but still does not pass review 07-06
C057 Amend Canon I.1.2(n)
C058 Add The Rev. Frederick B. "Ted" Howden Jr. to LFF, 2018Refer to an Interim Body Liturgy and Music
C059 Dialogue between The Episcopal Church and the Lutheran Church in BavariaAdopt
C060 Breaking the Episcopal Stained Glass CeilingAdopt with Amendment
C061 Encouraging the Use of the Code on Conduct for the Protection of ChildrenDischarge and Refer to a Different Committee (07- Social Justice and International Policy)
C062 On the Gendered Language of God
C063 Advocate for Ocean Health
D001 Haitian Temporary Protective Status
D002 Funding the Work of The Beloved Community
D003 Addressing the issue of Voter Suppression
D004 Addressing Mass Incarceration
D005 Gather Racial/Ethnic Statistics About Episcopal Elections and Clergy Compensation
D006 Just Transition: Automation and New Technology
D007 Disaster Resilience PolicyAdopt with Amendment Resolution Review Committee notified.
D008 Practicing Responsible Investing
D009 Christian Principles for Responding to Human Migration
D010 Create Position of Indigenous Theological Education CoordinatorAdopt
D011 Doctrine of Discovery Training
D012 Add the Four Chaplains of the USAT Dorchester to the Church CalendarRefer to an Interim BodySCLM
D013 Eliminate the Provision for Legal Slavery in the U.S. Constitution
D014 Addressing Maternal MortalityAdopt with Amendment
D015 Support Keeping Families Together
D016 Seeking Truth, Reconciliation and Restoration
D017 Reducing Sexual Harassment, Assault and Exploitation in the WorkplaceAdopt
D018 Negotiating the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
D019 Ending Church Complicity in the Occupation
D020 Understanding the Truth of Sexual Harrassment and Assault in The Episcopal ChurchTake No Further Action This resolution is covered under the substituted D016.
D021 Revise OTM InformationAdopt with Amendment
D022 Reinstate Women's Desk
D023 Amend Canons III.6.5(g)(4), III.8.5(h)(4), and III.10.1.(c)(4) and Estabish Task Force
D024 Support for the Episcopal Church of South Sudan and Sudan and Their Efforts to Foster PeaceAdopt with Amendment
D025 Amend Canons III.6.5(g), III.7.5, III.8.5(b), III.9.1, III.10.1(c), III.12.1, III.12.2
D026 Amend Canons I.17 and III.1.2 -Non-Discrimination in Hiring and Clergy Deployment
D027 Pursuing Justice in Gaza
D028 Freedom of Speech and the Right to Boycott
D029 Condemning Prolonged Solitary Confinement as a Form of TortureAdopt with Amendment
D030 Supporting FormationAdopt
D031 Recognizing and Ending Domestic Violence in our CongregationsAdopt with Amendment
D032 Equal Access to Health Care Regardless of GenderAdopt with Amendment Resolution Review Committee notified.
D033 Amend Canons IV.2 and IV.6 - Churchwide Intake Officer
D034 Amend Canon IV.19.4 - Suspending Statute of Limitations
D035 Amend Canon III.9 regarding Reconciliation and Mediation Between Clergy
D036 BCP Revision: Inclusive & Expansive Language
D037 Amend Canon I.8
D038 Civil Rights and Equality for All in Israel
D039 Regarding Occupation and Apartheid
D040 The Status of Women Church Musicians 
D041 Protecting JerusalemTake No Further Action Combined into substitute for B003.
D042 Amend Canon I.4.1
D043 Welcoming the Church of South India into the United States of AmericaAdopt with Amendment- Floor Changes
D044 Tools for Effective Shareholder Engagement for Human Rights
D045 Pension Equity for Lay Employees
D046 Expansive-Language Liturgical Resources
D047 Compassionate Care of Victims of Sexual Abuse by ClergyAdopt with Amendment
D048 Review of Disability Language in the Constitution and CanonsAdoptBishops voted to add to HoB Consent Calendar.
D049 Churchwide Fund for Clergy Education
D050 Solidarity with Victims of Religious PersecutionAdopt with AmendmentAdded two new resolves
D051 Support Recommitment to Iran Nuclear DealAdopt with Amendment
D052 Amend Canon I.18.7
D053 Stewardship of Creation with Church-Owned Land
D054 Expand YASC and EVIM SupportAdopt
D055 Create an Ecumenical and Interreligious Working Group
D056 Amend Canons I.20 and III.10.2(a)(3) - Full Communion Relationships
D057 Impairment Commission - Training on Alcohol and Substance Misuse
D058 Impairment Commission - Rapid Response Team for Crisis InterventionAdopt with Amendment
D059 Impairment Commission - Training on Alcohol/Substance Misuse for Church LeadershipAdopt with Amendment
D060 Establish a Covenant with the Diocese of Cuba
D061 Develop Episcopal Gap Year ProgramAdopt with Amendment. Added clause in resolve 1; Added new Resolve after 2nd Resolve.
D062 Companionship with Sudanese ChristiansAdopt with Amendment
D063 Supporting Christians in IraqAdopt with Amendment
D064 Amend Canon IV.14.12(a) and IV.14.12(b)
D065 Use of Alternative Psalters in Public Worship
D066 Discerning a Call to the Episcopate
D067 Bias-Free and Expansive Language for God and Humanity
D068 Criteria and Procedures for Deciding to Engage with or Establish a No Buy List of Companies
D069 Gather Annual Deployment and Compensation Data for LGBT and Gender Nonbinary Clergy
D070 Amend Canon I.2.(n)
D071 Establish State Policy Networks
D072 Amend Title II Canon IV
D073 Amend Canon III.7.4 and Canon III.9.3
D074 Amend Canon IV.6.4
D075 Amending Title IV to Prevent Retaliation
D076 Amend Canon IV.6, add Section 4 to Provide Whistleblower
D077 Reduce Death Penalty Sentence
D078 Authorize Holy Eucharist, Rite II (Expansive Language) for Trial Use
D079 Clarify Orders and Sentences in Title III, Title IV, Title V
D080 Recommendation for Ecumenical AfreementsDischarge and Refer to a Different Committee
(02 - Constitution and Canons)
Const & Canons
D081 Helping Communities Affected by Change in Energy Use
D082 Create Task Force on Title IV Revisions
D083 Amend Canon III.10.2
D084 Commemoration of Emily Malbone Morgan
D085 Communion Relationship with Church of Sweden
D086 Inclusive Practices for Diverse Representation
D087 Parents Nursing or Bottle- Feeding Children
D088 Dialogue with South Sudanese Anglican Diaspora
D089 Supporting Non- Discrimination and Civil Rights
D090 Engaging the Church in Advocacy for Disability Rights
D091 Ending the Silence
D092 Amend Canon III.1.2- Non-Discrimination in Access to Discernment Process
D093 Representative Planning Teams
D094 Fellowship for Non- domestic Diocese
D095 HBCU Direct Giving Pilot Program
D096 Support for Good Governance
D097 Establish an Advisory Council on Disability and Deaf Access
D098 Increase Focus and Engagement in Latin America and the Caribbean
D099 Women Musicians in the Church
D100 Amend Title IV.1,IV.3, and IV.6
X001 Appointment of Michael Barlowe as Secretary of General ConventionConcurAdopt
X002 Special Order Calendar for the House of Deputies Adopt (HoD only)
X003 Confirmation of Appointments to the Board of ArchivesConcurAdopt
X004 Confirming Appointments for the Board for Transition MinistryConcurAdopt
X005 House OrganizedAdopt (HoB only)
X006 Special Order for the Consideration of Resolutions on Prayer Book RevisionAdopt with Amendment (HoD only)This message replaces Message 11
X007 House Organized Adopt with Amendment (HoD only)
X009 Special Order of Business for Consideration of Resolution B012Adopt (HoD only)
X010 Special Order Amending X006
X011 Special Order for D019, Ending Church Complicity in the Occupation Adopt with Amendment (HoD only)