Resolutions Overview 

The Episcopal Church has one of the largest bicameral governments (a legislative body with two branches or chambers) in the world. Our government has two houses; the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies (which is made up of elected priests and laity from each diocese). Between the two houses, we have about 1,000 representatives. This makes the Episcopal Church the second largest bicameral government in the world. The United Kingdom is the largest with 1,441 members.

While working on the Declaration of Independence, our founders realized that once we won our independence from England we could no longer be the Church of England. Our governmental body might seem familiar because several of those working on the Declaration of Independence during the day worked on the charter for the Episcopal Church at night.

Below you will find a list of the legislation being considered at this year’s convention and where each item stands. Click here for more details about the legislation items.

*Note that chart has a search function.  You can search for a particular resolution or a particular action.  For example, search for the word “adopt” you’ll see all of the resolutions which have been adopted.  

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