Church of the Good Shepherd, Athens, is celebrating a new season of the popular BBC television series Doctor Who by offering three evenings with The Doctor through past episodes and discussing the Christian themes that can be found in them. For more information, contact the Rev. Deborah Woolsey at

T.A.R.D.I.S. and Non-T.A.R.D.I.S. parking available.

Everyone – life-long fans of the show, those new to DoctorWho, and those who have never seen it before- is welcome and invited to come and see how each episode is bigger on the inside.  5:30 to 7 p.m. in Nehls Hall. Light meal included.

Sept. 28: Rings of Akhaten/Sing to The Lord a New Song
Where the Doctor and Clara meet a remarkable young girl named Merry Galel whose song brings to mind that of another young woman named Mary whose remarkable song we still sing. We’ll explore similarities to Mary of Galilee in Luke’s Gospel and learn more about her magnificent song.

Oct. 12: A Town Called Mercy/God’s Judgement
This time it’s the Doctor with Amy and Rory who visit a town in the Old West that lives by its name of Mercy. We’ll explore the theological definition if mercy and justice as we consider what those terms mean to us and how we do or do not live into them as we watch how the Doctor and his companions do the same.

Nov. 16: The Husband’s of River Song/Believing God Loves You
A rollicking good Doctor Who Christmas special that features River Song, a character who loves The Doctor but does she believe someone like The Doctor can love be vulnerable enough to love her back? Our conversation will at scriptures and parts of the episode to help us ask the same of God. Jesus says God loves us, but is that an easy thing to believe?