Local priest publishes new book

The Rev. Cal Lane

The Rev. Dr. Calvin Lane, Associate Rector at St. George’s, Dayton and Affiliate Professor of Church History at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, has just published a book, Spirituality and Reform: Christianity in the West, ca. 1000-1800 (Lexington / Fortress).

Spirituality and Reform is a broad study of the intersection of reform movements and everyday Christian practice ranging from the Gregorian Reform to the Pietists. It transgresses the traditional historiographical borders, insists on the necessity of having cultural history and intellectual history in conversation, and assumes a certain messiness to religious change and identity. The thread in the narrative is the rhetoric of primitivism, the relentless search for apostolic authenticity / reform as retrieval.

The author is offering those in the diocese a 30% discount on the book. You can order the book here.