A big change is coming to our diocesan pre-convention meetings! To make better use of the time and resources of both the presenters and the attendees, we’ve decided instead to make use of Zoom video conferencing to hold ONE meeting that anyone in the diocese will be able to (virtually) attend!

We believe that by using videoconferencing technology along with providing local viewing areas will make attending the meeting much easier and convenient for everyone in the diocese. Those who have proposed resolutions will not have to travel to four separate meetings to speak to them. And best of all, bringing four meetings together into one invites richer conversation around issues when perspectives from all around the diocese are considered.

This single pre-convention meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 16 at 7 p.m. Clergy, delegates and other interested people can travel to one of four interactive gathering sites to participate in community. Each of the sites will have the needed equipment to fully participate during the meeting. A member of the bishop’s staff will be present at each location to troubleshoot any problems that may occur.

Gathering sites:

St. Philip’s, Columbus
St. Paul’s, Dayton
Christ Church, Glendale
St. James, Zanesville

For those who can’t make it to one of the interactive gathering sites, live streaming will also be available. PLEASE NOTE: All previously communicated pre-convention meeting dates have been CANCELLED. This is the only meeting date that will be held. If you can’t make the meeting, the videoconference will be recorded so that it may be viewed at a later time.

Participants are always encouraged to ask questions at pre-convention meetings, and this meeting is no different. You are welcome to submit questions in advance or during the meeting. Click here to submit your questions.