The Gospel According to Harry Potter
All Saints, New Albany
Friday, November 9, 6 to 9 p.m.

Whether you arrive by portkey or by floo powder, come dive into the wizarding world of Harry Potter to see the Gospel hidden inside. Prepare to be sorted, learn how the Church is the “Room of Requirement” and the Eucharist is our “Patronus charm.” Enjoy your favorite Potter delectables made by our own house elves.

“Hogwarts Chaplain,” the Rev. Dr. Patricia Lyons, Missioner for Evangelism and Community Engagement for the Diocese of Washington D.C., will be apparating to All Saints to be our guest professor at this amazing event!

House robes, sweaters, ties, costumes, brooms and wands are greatly encouraged. To register, please scribe your name at For any questions, please contact the Parish Office of Magical Registration and Wand Permits at 614.855.8267.

Just a reminder that you may not apparate in the worship space. Third floor corridor is closed due to Cornish Pixie infestation.