Advent Meditations from Christ Church Cathedral

The 2018 edition of  Advent Meditations, written by members of Christ Church Cathedral, is now available online.

2018 Advent Prayer Booklet

“O Jerusalem,” Jesus wept over the city that was stoning God’s messengers. Can you hear his lamenting, “O, Cincinnati,” “O, America,” amid the current darkness? In Advent we await the birth of Christ, the holy night that shines “with the brightness of the true Light.”* We know that momentous event occurred over two thousand years ago and that lives throughout the centuries have been changed, but we also know that darkness has not been fully vanquished. Daily we continue to yearn for light, in our lives and in the communities around us.

This Advent, picture Jesus’ vision for Jerusalem, and then transpose it over our city and country. How do our hearts need to change, and what do we need to do to fulfill the call to love God and our neighbor?

In this booklet, Christ Church Cathedral members share their thoughts, shining a light on our journey to the holy city. We pray these meditations may guide you in this holy season as we prepare to celebrate Jesus’ birth and receive the mystery of “Light on earth.”*

*Collect for The Nativity of our Lord, BCP page 212