Many lay people serve in a variety of roles in Episcopal worship, but “Lay Worship Leader” has a particular meaning: it refers to someone licensed by the bishop to lead Morning Prayer on Sunday morning in the absence of a priest.  In our diocese, the license requires successful completion of a two-day Worship Leader training, anti-racism training, Safe Church training, and a request for the license from the parish rector (if there is no rector, the senior warden may make this request).

Lay Worship Leader Training will next be held at the Procter Center on March 9 and 23, 2019, from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Cost for the training is $30/day. Participants should arrive well before 9:30 each day so that the sessions can begin promptly at 9:30. Coffee, snacks, and lunch will be provided.

Advance registration is required. Each training group needs to include at least 8 people, so if fewer than 8 registrations have been received by March 1, the training may be cancelled. Click here to register

For further information, or to talk about the possibility of scheduling training in your part of the diocese, contact the Rev. Marjorie Menaul at