From The Church of Scotland

During the season of Lent, church members are being invited to make a change to their lifestyles that will help make a positive difference to climate change and create a sustainable future for our planet and for generations to come.

Living Lent is the new initiative from the Joint Public Issues Team (JPIT), a cross-denominational group working together for peace and justice.

During the annual 40 day season of Lent – this year taking place between Wednesday 6 March to Thursday 18 April – Christians may fast or give up some of their usual routine to give time to personal examination and to reflect on their relationship with God.

With these guiding thoughts in mind, the Joint Public Issues Team have this year decided to focus on environmental issues and how we as Christians can take committed steps to reducing our individual impact on climate change.

What could I do?

You’re invited to choose something that will stretch you – and then become part of an online community made up of people who are also making a commitment.

Rev David Coleman, the environmental chaplain for Eco-Congregation Scotland, will be contributing reflections during Living Lent and has made his commitment to give up meat.

“It’s very easy to just sit back and lament, in resignation, at the alarming damage that is being done – now at a brutal pace – to everything which feeds and provides habitat both to us and our fellow creatures,” David said.

“The season of Lent has always offered opportunity for an exercise in spiritual growth, earthed in a strictly manageable level of commitment.

“How appropriate to dedicate and channel Lent towards greater environmental awareness and personal active participation in our response.

“I will be joining in myself, as the project has given me the kick-start to get back to vegetarianism.

“I like the odd bacon sandwich and, as a minister, there will be times when honouring hospitality (as in sausage rolls at funerals) may provide exceptions, but I can’t simply ignore the basic, easy, manageable stuff – like giving up meat.

“To take part is a small and worthwhile step. And each small step, like a prayer, is in God’s hands.”

The Living Lent community will share blog posts, spiritual reflections, devotional and creative materials that will help you explore where this Lent journey might take you.

You will also have the chance to share your stories, photos, challenges and the joys you face with the rest of the community.

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