Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA) will host a food symposium April 4-5, 2019, for interested people to gather to discuss food, sustainability, agriculture, and conservation.

Nothing is more universal than the need to eat, yet few things are more polarizing than discussions offood. Whether it be choosing between the conventional tomatoes and the organic ones, deciding whether to shop at Wal-Mart or the local farmer’s market, supporting companies that take advantage of the Earth’s resources or supporting local merchants with environmentally sound practices, talk surrounding food can quickly become a battleground.

Despite the best efforts of the corporate food system to keep consumers in the dark about their food and its origins, certain prophetic voices have entered the discussion since Wendell Berry’s 1977 work The Unsettling of America. These voices, including Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser, Marion Nestle, and many more, have taken on the role of David to the Goliath of the faceless industrialization we call the food system. And their rocks are making a sizeable dent.

Neighborhood farmer’s markets are on the rise; vegetarian options are popping up on formerly meat-centric menus; grocery store produce sections are expanding their organic options. We are even seeing restaurants advertising “farm to table” and encouraging patrons to eat local. These changes are nothing short of encouraging.

The topic of sustainability is near and dear to the heart of Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy (CHCA). Beginning with a student-run coffee bar dedicated to sourcing coffee in an ethical manner, and continuing with a newly built greenhouse specializing in small-scale production farming, the school is dedicated to educating the next generation in a hands-on approach.

Because of this, the school will be hosting a food symposium with the purpose of bringing together speakers on topics related to sustainability, agriculture, and conservation for a two-day event that will serve as a springboard for conversations and a catalyst for change. It will, in short, be an event not to miss.

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