All Saints’, Portsmouth, invites you to visit our public art display of Stations of the Cross in the churchyard along Court Street as the Lenten season begins.

Christians have made pilgrimages to holy places since ancient times. When pilgrimage to Jerusalem was popular in the medieval period, people began to walk the traditional path Jesus took from his arrest to his passion and death. Because not everyone could travel to Jerusalem, the church began to offer local pilgrimage liturgies—Stations of the Cross.

These 12 stations were designed by artist Scott Erickson and begin near the church itself. You are invited to move from station to station, following the events in the words of scripture and letting the prayers draw us into the story. Readings for each station are included in a handout inside a weather-proof box at the first station. You are welcome to engage in this artwork and this pilgrimage with a group, friends, in solitude, daytime or nighttime.