Sexual harassment violates our Baptismal vows. The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Southern Ohio have specific policies in place to protect against sexual misconduct by church leaders.

In 2017, Diocesan Convention passed Resolution R2107-06 calling for the bishop to “create a representative task force to: (1) evaluate current sexual harassment policy contained within the Safe Church Training program for effectiveness and (2) develop specific training and listening programs on sexual harassment to raise awareness and encourage appropriate behaviors.” The task force is in the listening phase of work and wants to hear from you.

Please respond our online survey form at  by May 31. Your anonymous responses will be read and summarized for submission to Diocesan Council and your private information will not be saved.

Please note that this is NOT the place to submit reports of sexual misconduct or harassment. Diocesan policies are in place for formal reporting of incidents at

Questions?  Contact the Rev. Canon Lee Anne Reat at

Members of the Task Force
Dr. Lissa Barker
Mr. Amani Carew
The Rev. Rick Incorvati
The Rev. Paula Jackson
The Rev. Sara Palmer
The Rev. Canon Lee Anne Reat
Ms. Helena von Sadovzsky
Ms. Nancy Schwartz