Imagine being on Greyhound with your three children after leaving Family Detention Center on the border.  You are traveling to Cleveland to live with your sister, but it is a very long trip and you have no diapers for the baby. Or put yourself in the shoes of a brother welcoming your sister and her children to your small Price Hill apartment.  You’ve paid for their transportation from the border and now are responsible for feeding and clothing them while they await their asylum hearing.  The recurring cost of diapers is beyond your stretched budget.

Can your parish hold a one-Sunday diaper drive?  Transformations CDC, an independent non-profit created by the Church of Our Saviour/La Iglesia de Nuestro Salvador, will insure that your gift of diapers reach families traveling from the border and those relocating here in Cincinnati. Contact Nancy Sullivan at  to discuss this or learn more about the current situation on the border, the network of groups meeting Greyhound buses and the work being done here in the Cincinnati region by several Southern Ohio congregations.