The Episcopal Church Foundation, partnering with Forma, Forward Movement, Missional Voices, Episcopal Preaching Foundation, Evangelism Matters, Episcopal Evangelism Society, The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Atlanta, will present Rooted in Jesus, a combined conference around discipleship, January 21-24, 2020 in Atlanta, GA.

It’s time for the Episcopal Church to come together as disciples of Jesus and take a bold new step into the next decade. Let’s spend four days together, talking about discipleship, leadership, evangelism, formation, preaching, and much more—so we can go out and be the Body of Christ. Rooted in Jesus 2020 fwill feature the following tracks – but know that you can take an interdisciplinary approach! Evangelism, Formation, Mission, Leadership, Communications, Preaching, Stewardship.

We will also be featuring four Pre-Conference tracks: Evangelism – Evangelism Matters Team; Asset Based Community Development – Missional Voices and Episcopal Relief and Development; The Forma Pre-Conference – Forma, ECF, Office of Lifelong Formation @DFMS; Discipleship Intensive – Forward Movement

Early Bird pricing for the conference is $315, and Pre-Conference is $125. More information available and register at

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