Faith Matters: The Beecken Center at the University of the South presents author William Paul Young

The author of The Shack, Eve, and Lies We Believe About God will deliver a public lecture Fri., Nov. 15 in All Saints’ Chapel at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN, and he will lead an all-day workshop Sat., Nov. 16, also at the university.

Friday Lecture, Nov. 15: Faith and The Shack
7 to 9 p.m., All Saints’ Chapel, the University of the South

The Shack, in both book and movie form, has been an international phenomenon, a “unicorn” in publishing terms. Why? Together we will explore why this novel found a world-wide audience with those who are stuck somewhere between “edgy” and “Jesus.” As a parable, The Shack gives language for many who want to know a God who is relational and not religious, as well as giving voice to grieving and questioning broken-hearts. This gathering will be a conversation about the nature of God in an increasingly secularized world, or perhaps it is part of the intrusion of God from within our humanity in order to encounter even the most religious. The lecture is open to the public. Please register to ensure a seat; a “love offering” will be collected to support the event.

Saturday Workshop, Nov. 16: Lies We Believe About God
9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Convocation Hall, the University of the South (map)

Lies don’t exist alone. They are usually part of a connected and self-referential web that empowers their ability to delude. But like any house of cards, when one is exposed, a number of others will naturally follow. Beginning with the lie that we as human beings are separated from God, we will explore how this paper tiger has kept so many in religious bondage and perpetuated religious institutional power. Registration required: $79 tuition includes lunch and morning coffee & tea.

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