Individuals who are interested in helping the nearly 700 families affected by the ICE raids in Mississippi: Nancy Sullivan of Transformations CDC has been in touch with individuals in the Episcopal Diocese of Mississippi charged with leading efforts on behalf of these families. Their recommendation for those who want to participate in some way is sending gift cards or checks directly to churches who are working with the families. Some of the best options are:

Grace Episcopal Church
161 E Peace St.
Canton, MS 39046

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
238 E Center St
Canton, MS 39046

Shelia Cumbest
Morton First Baptist Church
PO Box 519
Morton MS 39117

You can also send checks made payable to the Diocese of Mississippi with the notation ‘Bishop’s Discretionary Account—ICE’ to Episcopal Diocese of MS, PO Box 23107, Jackson, MS 39225-3107. Learn more