Did you know that 12 congregations and 130 individuals from throughout the diocese financially support 20 other parishes in their ministries to the wider community? These dollars, and the hearts and hands of nearly 600 persons from these ministry churches, help to serve more than 37,000 people in the wider communities of Southern Ohio – with food, clothing, meals, diapers, financial education, math and reading tutoring, and much more. That’s a lot of connecting!

ECSF, the Episcopal Community Services Foundation of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, receives money from congregations’ general budgets and special offerings, through our yearly Advent Campaign, and from individuals that have committed to support these ministries. This year we are adding an additional avenue for giving, ECSF Sunday, on September 29. On that Sunday, we will hear from Scripture the story of “Bridging the Chasm and Opening the Gate” from Luke 16:19-31. Your gifts are about “bridging the chasm and opening the gate” for those in need. That’s the gift of connecting!

Take a look at the congregations and their ministries you have supported for 2019! Note the impact for some of the people your gifts help to serve. Then give to ECSF to support these ministries into the future. To learn more or to give now, visit the ECSF website at www.ecsfsouthernohio.org/. That’s how to keep the connections going!

We are grateful to all of you who give so generously to help fund the community ministries of the diocese. Thanks for connecting!

Your donations …. Help feed the souls – as well as the bellies – of children, teens and adults. (Holy Trinity, Bellaire; Motivational Morning Munchies & Community Meal)

Motivational Morning Munchies, Holy Trinity, Bellaire

Motivational Morning Munchies ensures that kids have hearty and nutritious meals, but more importantly, that they have a time to interact with each other in a safe environment. Topics cover the usual kid topics, from arguments about favorite Pop Tart flavors to football rivalries. Other times the kids embark on their own ministry projects, baking cookies or providing blankets for foster children. But sometimes the discussions become graver and more personal, including thoughts of suicide, and referrals are made to get the kids the help they need. Food is given for bellies, and fellowship is provided for strengthening tender hearts. Thank you, Holy Trinity, Bellaire, for the connections you make!



City Heart, Christ Church Dayton

Your donations …. Help people in crisis find the support they need to regain control of their lives. (Christ Church, Dayton; CityHeart)

Anthony Erhresmann is one of CityHeart’s volunteer Resolution Specialists. He takes the time to build trusted relationships with those in difficult circumstances who need caring support over a period of time to stabilize their lives. One of his clients, Denise, needed to find housing that she could afford on her own, but was uncertain that she could find something she could afford where she could also keep her two cats. Anthony helped her find a nearby subsidized location for seniors that allowed the tenants to have one pet and made contact with a local no-kill facility that would take the other. With the care and compassion shown by Anthony, Denise was convinced that this apartment was the best choice for her to be independent. In the end, unable to choose, she made the decision to give up both cats, confident they would be placed into loving homes. Denise’s story is just one story of how CityHeart helps people in crisis find the support they need to regain control of their lives and thrive. Thank you Christ Church, Dayton, for the connections you make!


 2019 ECSF Grant Recipients and their Sponsors

The Rev. Suzanne LeVesconte, rector of Trinity, Hamilton, serves as the president of the ECSF board. Connect with her at boardchair@ecsfsouthernohio.org.