We all know the kids’ activity of connect the dots. Following the numbers, connecting one to two, two to three, and finally you see the bigger picture. A new initiative that we will introduce at our annual convention in November will be one way for all of us to be more intentional about getting to know each other, learning from each other and finding ways to collaborate to widen our impact while connecting with God and seeing our bigger picture.

Our goal with the Connect the Dots initiative is simple – to connect people to a loving God and each other. We encourage you to visit other churches in our diocese, and worship together or visit an outreach program or formation program. We believe there is strength in diversity, and that by engaging more with each other we will learn from each other and grow together, becoming a stronger diocese.

Where will you go, and what will you learn?

Did you know that one of our congregations holds their main Sunday service in a bar? Or that one has a resident cat named Bishop? Or that one has a butterfly garden next to their labyrinth? We invite you to find more stories like these and share your photos and your lessons learned.

More information, including directions and incentives (!) for participating in Connect the Dots will be announced at convention. If you are not coming to convention but would like to participate, everything will be shared through Connections and e-Connections after convention.

Let’s make the other congregations of the diocese more than just a dot on a map. Where will you go, and what will you learn? Let’s travel through the diocese, inspiring each other and growing together!