Sometimes referred to as the diocesan staff, the bishop’s staff works to connect available programs and resources to the congregations in the diocese.

The staff works at the Jane E. Procter Memorial Diocesan House, located on Sycamore Street in downtown Cincinnati, right next door to Christ Church Cathedral. The Diocesan House has been the principal offices of the bishop and staff since 1959.

The main number for the Diocesan House is 513.421.0311, or toll-free 800.582.1712.

The executive staff is listed below. Support staff are listed here.

Staff are listed in alphabetical order

[su_tooltip position=”east” content=”Did you know?” behavior=”always”]A canon is a member of the clergy (or less often, a lay person) on the staff of a cathedral or of a bishop[/su_tooltip]

The Rev. Canon Lynn Carter-Edmands
Canon to the Ordinary
Ext. 102
513.632.6015 (direct)
614.947.9748 (mobile)

Canon Lynn is in her eighth year as a member of the bishop’s staff. She has over 25 years of leadership experience as a priest in parish and diocesan ministry, including vocational discernment and mentoring, congregation and clergy transitions, formation and leadership development, and mediation and conflict transformation. She has served as the rector of two parishes and as a chaplain and teacher at a boy’s boarding preparatory school where she taught Bible, Ethics, and senior electives in religion.

Canon Lynn serves as the bishop’s liaison to

  • Diocesan Council
  • Standing Committee
  • Trustees of the Diocese
  • Commission on Ministry and ordination process
  • Examining Chaplains
  • Residency Program
  • School for Diaconal Formation
  • Episcopal Community Services Foundation (ECSF)
  • Province V Executive Board
  • Diocesan liturgies
  • Clergy concerns
[su_tooltip position=”east” content=”Did you know?” behavior=”always”]A Canon to the Ordinary is a canon who is specific to the Bishop’s office; a staff officer who performs tasks as assigned by the Ordinary[/su_tooltip]

Carine deLange
Operations Executive
Ext. 108
513.632.6027 (direct)
513.405.3234 (mobile) 

Carine serves as Operations Executive for both the bishop’s staff as well as Christ Church Cathedral. This shared position was created in 2018 as part of a collaboration between the two organizations, to help both embrace more fully their shared mission, with a view to broadening their impact on the community. 

Carine also assists with the emergency preparedness process for both organizations and for the diocese as a whole. She has recently begun work to assist with widening the collaboration across the diocese. 

Carine oversees the following departments for both organizations: 

  • Administration 
  • Communications
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology (IT)

Carine also serves as the bishop’s liaison to the Budget Committee, Advisory Committee on Compensation and Resources and the Finance Committee. 

David Dreisbach
Director of Communications
Ext. 150
513.545.0184 (mobile) 

David has been a member of St. Timothy’s, Anderson Twp., since 2003. He has a bachelor’s degree in religion and a master’s degree in theology. The story of how he ended up in advertising is a long one; the short version is that he spent 20 years of his life in advertising, starting out as a copywriter and working his way to VP and Creative Director, all the while searching for a way to use his skills to fulfill a deeper purpose in life. 

David jumped at the chance to leave corporate advertising to work for the diocese. His disparate background of religious studies and advertising suddenly made sense for the first time. He has been happily serving on the bishop’s staff since June of 2013. 

Among David’s responsibilities are: 

  • All things digital 
  • Web design
  • Print design
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing materials
  • Creative & art direction of Connections
  • Benchmarking with other communication programs
  • Point person for suggestions, complaints and ideas
  • Communication consulting with congregations

[su_tooltip position=”east” content=”Did you know?” behavior=”always”]A fresh expression of church is a form of church for our changing culture, established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church, which will come into being through principles of listening, service, incarnational mission and making disciples.[/su_tooltip]

The Rev. Canon Jane Gerdsen
Missioner for Fresh Expressions and Praxis Communities
513.543.0440 (mobile)

Jane works to encourage new forms of Christian Community across the Diocese of Southern Ohio. From 2015-2018, she served as the chair of the Episcopal Church’s Advisory Group on Church Planting and Missional Initiatives. Jane is an International Coaching Federation trained coach and enjoys coaching individuals, churches, and mission teams, exploring new mission opportunities and navigating change in our churches and neighborhoods. 

Jane is a graduate of Mount Holyoke College and Episcopal Divinity School. Prior to seminary, she was a Montessori teacher and worked as a Director of Religious Education. While in seminary, she interned with Ecclesia Ministries and was part of the Street Church community in Boston. After ordination she served for five years as the priest at the former St. Andrew’s, Dayton, before joining the bishop’s staff. She is an honorary canon of Christ Church Cathedral and has also begun serving as the part-time priest-in-charge at All Saint’s, Pleasant Ridge. 

In this position, Jane supports and oversees the following ministry areas: 

  •  Church Planting 
  • Missional Engagement
  • Young Adult Ministries
  • Campus Ministry
  • Latino Ministry
  • Brendan’s Crossing/Episcopal Service Corps
  • Praxis Communities
  • Becoming Beloved Community Task Force
  • Diocesan Big Read task group

The Rev. Canon Jason Leo
Canon for Transitions and Congregational Vitality
Ext. 125
513.379.2240 (mobile)

Jason has served as Canon for Transitions since June 2018 and as Missioner for Congregational Vitality since January 2016. Previously he served as the rector of Calvary Church, Clifton from 2000 to 2015, and was vicar of Trinity, London from 1998 to 2000. Jason began his ministry in Southern Ohio as the Director of the Summer Camping program and Youth Ministries in 1994.

In his ministry as advocate for all congregations, Jason oversees 

  • Clergy Leadership Transitions
    • Clergy transition resources
    • Assessment prior to transition of congregations
    • Congregations in conflict
    • Congregations shifting to part-time clergy presence, extended ministry or ELCA partnership (under Called to Common Mission)
  • Mutual Ministry Reviews
  • Parish Re-starts

Jason also serves as the bishop’s liaison to the Commission on Congregational Life (COCL) and to the Procter Center Board.

The Rev. Canon Lee Anne Reat Ph.D.
Canon for Formation and Social Justice Ministries
Ext. 104
614.214.4236 (mobile)

Lee Anne serves as Canon for Formation and Social Justice Ministries. She joined the bishop’s staff in 2018 after serving as vicar of St. John’s, Columbus. Ordained ministry experiences include work with marginalized populations, community organizing, using Asset Based Community Development, mentoring lay preachers and diaconal formation. Prior to ordination Canon Reat taught Early Childhood Education and directed an education policy organization.

Canon Reat is the bishop’s liaison for:

  • Licensed Lay Ministries
  • Lay Worship Leaders
  • Lay Preachers
  • Lay Eucharistic Ministers
  • Lay Eucharistic Visitors
  • Education for Ministry (EfM)
  • Anti-Racism Training
  • Safe Church Training
  • Clergy Days
  • Professional Development Grants
  • Faith in Life Grants
  • Fresh Start for clergy in new cures
  • Diocesan Learning Portal (
  • Global Mission initiatives
  • Social Justice Ministries, Education, and Advocacy

David Robinson
Chief Financial Officer
Ext. 114
513.632.6019 (direct)

David serves as the chief financial officer for the diocese and has served in that capacity since January 2010. His responsibilities include oversight of all diocesan financial operations including: diocesan budget; accounting operations; payroll and benefits, mission share review requests; church loan administration, endowments, investments, records retention, Treasurer’s workshop’s, Church Insurance, diocesan administrator for Church Pension Group, and corporate secretary to the Church Foundation, 412 Sycamore Inc., and the Trustees of the Diocese.

David serves as the bishop’s liaison to

  • Diocesan Council
  • Trustees of the Diocese
  • 412 Sycamore Inc
  • Church Foundation
  • Budget Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Advisory Commission on Compensation and Resources
  • Procter Center Board

Tammie Vanoss
Director of Information Technology
Ext. 113
513.632.6020 (direct)
513.987.0650 (mobile)

As part of the collaboration with Christ Church Cathedral, Tammie was named Director of Information Technology for both the bishop’s staff and the cathedral staff in 2018. A member of the bishop’s staff since 2015, Tammie brings her excitement for congregational development to churches as they explore the new technology frontier by assisting them with IT needs and app and website creation. 

Tammie is a cradle Episcopalian who attended many Episcopal churches growing up during multiple moves stateside and overseas. She began database programming as a Department of Energy contractor at the Fernald site and moved on to develop software for companies such as Toyota, Dr. Pepper, P&G, and Eli Lilly. 

Tammie’s responsibilities include:

  • Website architecture/design
  • Domain licensing/maintenance
  • Office 365 licensing/administration
  • End-user hardware and software