The Journey of Hope… From Violence to Healing is led by murder victims’ family members who share their experiences to convey to the public that the death penalty has nothing to do with the healing that murder victims need and deserve. Journey “storytellers” come from all walks of life and represent the full spectrum and diversity of faith, color and economic situation. We recount our tragedies and struggles to heal as a way of opening dialogue on the death penalty in schools, colleges, churches and other venues, changing hearts and minds on a difficult issue.

The Ohio Journey is taking place at exactly the time when policy makers and the public are having serious discussions about this difficult issue. We are here to help shape that conversation.  YOUR CONGREGATION CAN HOST THE JOURNEY OF HOPE OCTOBER 14-20.

(See more about Journey of Hope’s Cast No Stones: Standing with Victims to End Executions in Ohio conference with Sr. Jean Prjean, CSJ, Shane Claiborne, the Rev. Sharon Risher, Dr. Chris Brown and Bill Pelke at First Community Church in Columbus on October 12.)

We cannot heal the world by seeking revenge. We must instead choose the path of love and compassion for all of humanity. Forgiveness is strength and a path toward healing. The greatest resources of our movement are the people who are a part of it. Proceeds will provide vital funds to continue the movement to end executions forever.

To find out more and to schedule a program contact the Journey of Hope here.