Transportation is a critical part of Transformations CDC‘s ministry with immigrants and their children. Our twice-weekly after-school program, field trips with adults and children and hospital and ICE appointments all require a safe working van. (We’ve brought newborns and their mothers home from the hospital twice in the past three weeks).

Over the past seven years several members of the diocese have donated used vans to make this work possible. Routine maintenance recently revealed that the frame of the most recent gift is dangerously rusted out, so it is unsafe to drive.

We urgently need a new (used) minivan to continue our ministry.  Because Transformations CDC is a not-for-profit organization, your donation of your old but safe and serviceable van would be both a tax-deduction and an amazing contribution to very important work. All transportation in Transformations’ vans is by licensed drivers, and in keeping with diocesan Safe Church standards.

Contact the Rev. Paula Jackson at the Church of Our Saviour/La Iglesia de Nuestro Salvador at 513.207.1248  or Nancy Sullivan Transformations director, at 859.240.6140 to learn more.