The filing of a consent agenda before a legislative body is a practice of combining routine business and reports that require action into a single agenda item. All the business on a consent agenda is then approved in one action rather than taking the time to file them separately. 

The items that appear on this consent agenda are items that are typically discussed individually at every convention and approved by a voice vote. Grouping these items into a consent agenda will save time in our greatly reduced schedule. It is important to note that any clergy or lay delegate may request that an item be moved off the consent agenda and back on to the main agenda.

The consent agenda will ask for approval and/or ratification of the following items:

1. Rules of Order
2. Convention Agenda
3. Granting Credentials 

In addition to those already granted seat and voice by the Constitution of the diocese, the Chair of the Committee on Credentials moves that this 145th Convention admit with seat and voice the following individuals: our youth delegation; the Sisters of the Community of the Transfiguration; all non-canonically resident clergy licensed to officiate; representative clergy from our Presbyterian partners at the Indian Hill Church; and the lay members of diocesan staff.

Article VI, Section I of the Constitution gives seat and voice to several named people, namely Lay Members of the Standing Committee and Diocesan Council, the Lay Deputies to General Convention, the Lay Trustees of the Diocese of Southern Ohio, the Chancellor, the Treasurer of the Diocese and the members of the Executive Board of the Episcopal Church Women of the Diocese. These people automatically have seat and voice. The Chair of the Committee on Credentials therefore moves the aforementioned guests be given seat and voice at this Convention.

4. Appointment of officers of convention

  • Convention secretary: Ms. Ann Sabo
  • Recording Secretary: Ms. Sherri Martin
  • Timekeeper: Mr. Clifton Flemister
  • Parliamentarian: The Honorable Rev. Richard Schisler
  • Chief Teller: Ms. Sonja Bronson
  • Committee to Approve the Minutes: President of the Trustees of the Diocese, President of the Standing Committee, and the First Vice-Chair of Diocesan Council.

5. Ratification by Name of those appointments required by Canon:

  • Treasurer: Robert Kranz
  • Registrar: The Rev. Anne Warrington Wilson
  • Finance Committee: Nadya Richardson, chair; Bill Forbes, Carolyn Wilmesherr, Dot Yeager, Doug Langenfeld, Ernest Thompson, Jeff Baldrige, and John Harris.
  • Commission on Congregational Life (COCL) chair: The Rev. Kevin Beesley
  • Dispatch of Business chair: Nadya Richardson
  • Procter Center Board 1st Vice-Chair: The Rev. Frank Edmands
  • Provincial Synod Deputies and Alternate Deputies: The Bishop nominates to the Provincial Synod those persons who have been elected deputies to General Convention in this order: the clergyperson receiving the greatest number of votes, and the laypersons receiving the greatest and second-greatest number of votes to serve as deputies to Provincial Synod; the clergyperson receiving the second greatest number of votes and the lay person receiving the third greatest number of votes to serve as alternate deputies to Provincial Synod.

6. Approve annual Committee/Commission reports 

The annual committee/commission reports can be found on the convention website,, or in the DSOConnect app.

7. Approve minutes of the 144th convention

The minutes of the 144th convention were printed in the Journal of Convention. The complete Journal can be found on the home page of the convention website, Printed copies will be available for review on the day of convention.