Would your church go solar if you could switch with no out-of-pocket costs? Your church has an opportunity to be part of a new wave of using renewable energy to better care for God’s creation and combat climate change.

A local group of Episcopalians are exploring the creation of a structure to enable Episcopal churches in Ohio to switch their electrical supply from fossil fuels to solar energy at comparable cost. We need as many churches as possible to participate in order to reduce costs to an attractive level.

If you expect your church to be around for 10 years or more, you should seriously consider this opportunity. It will make a strong statement toward reducing carbon dioxide pollution (climate warming) at little to no extra cost to your church. Your electric bill would still come, but you’d be paying for clean renewable energy.

About Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s)

Instead of investing a lot of money up front, churches can use a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).  This is a business arrangement by which an outside corporation installs (and owns) panels at your church and sells you the electricity the panels generate. You pay only for the electricity.

The corporation pays for the panels and upkeep, and takes the tax benefits (credits and depreciation deduction) and is paid by the church for the electricity generated. PPA’s are in use today by cities and large non-profits to use solar energy in a cost-effective way.

It’s important to act soon because federal tax credits will decrease sharply in the next few years.

This project is in its initial stages and to test its viability we need to know how many churches might be interested in participating. An expression of interest now is not a commitment!

Would your church go solar if your electricity bill did not increase?  If so, contact us.

To sign up or find out more, contact us at solardiosoh@gmail.com
Or: call Ken Wright at 757-751-4156
Or: Catherine Duffy at 614-288-5432.