Bulletin inserts for the diocesan Connect the Dots initiative are now available for download at dsoConnectThe Dots.org.

Connect the Dots is an initiative to get people to step out of the comfort of their own congregations and go and visit other churches and communities around the diocese – to learn, watch, share stories, and build community with other Episcopalians.

Each Connect the Dots visit earns your congregation an entry into a drawing. The more you visit, the more entries your church earns! During the first week in June, Bishop Breidenthal will draw the winning entry. That congregation will receive $1,000 to use toward an outreach project in their church. But that’s not all – they will also be able to designate one of the churches they visited to also receive $1,000 toward their outreach ministries!

Build excitement in your church to participate in Connect the Dots by using the bulletin inserts. Full page and half page (both color and black/white) are available.