The mission of the 2020 Census is to count every single person in the United States without regard to age, immigration or citizenship status, whether or not someone is incarcerated or on parole, or whether they are facing homelessness. The Church’s goal is to use our presence in thousands of communities to help ensure that everyone is counted.  Religious denominations and institutions are well-placed to reach historically hard-to-count populations, a critical goal of the Census Bureau. We can promote participation through our congregations and ministries.

Research shows that someone is more likely to take the census if they hear about it from someone they trust. Help shape the future of your community by learning about the census.  The Presiding Bishop speaks to the importance of the census in a short video at

The census has an impact on the implementation of federal programs that play important roles in our communities. The federal government also uses census data to determine funding levels for schools, infrastructure, and certain services delivered by state and local governments. The population data, particularly for children and the elderly, are also important for state and local governments in projecting what public services a region will need in the years to come.