The Rev. Canon Lee Anne Reat, Canon for Formation and Social Justice in the Diocese of Southern Ohio, shares some Vacation Bible School curricula developed by the Evangelical Lutheran Church (ECLA) addressing our Christian response to suffering in the world:

On Earth as in Heaven draws from the Sustainable Development Goals with the anchor of the Lord’s Prayer and the daily themes of Hunger, Good Health, Gender Equality, Education, and Peace.

On Earth as it is in heaven VBS Curriculum


God’s Good Creation focuses on ending hunger.  Daily themes are God created the world and it is good, God can use you whatever size your are, God made everyone different and important, Jesus uses us to bring miracles to life, and Working together we can change the world.

God’s Good Creation VBS Curriculum


Who is My Neighbor? is rooted in the story of the Good Samaritan.  Daily themes include God loves us, Let your light shine, No fear, God loves everyone, and Building God’s neighborhood
Who is my neighbor VBS Curriculum