Given the “new norm” of responding in creative ways of our normal routines, PIMIL – Partners-in-Ministry-in-Liberia – invites you to virtually participate and support our annual July fundraising by making Liberian Rice Bread at home. As with many things this year, our annual fundraising luncheon had to be canceled because of the coronavirus pandemic. Instead, we invite you to experience Liberia at home by baking Rice Bread.

The Rice Bread is like a dessert and is one of the many delicious foods served at the annual International Luncheon and Silent Auction, which is typically held in July in Columbus to raise funds for the education of the students in Liberia. See recipe, below

We hope you will also consider making a financial donation to PIMIL in any amount. We are working diligently to achieve our annual fundraising goal of $20,000.  PIMIL raises the majority of the funds to match the sponsors’ donations of approximately $10,000.  PIMIL is expected to sponsor 200 students in the 2020/2021 academic year; in the 2019/2020 academic year PIMIL sponsored 189 students.

Send your donation by using St. Matthew’s PayPal account (see below).  You will receive a report of the fundraising cycle by mid August.  To access the St. Matthew’s PayPal Account:

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Abundant and grateful thanks to you for your donation!

Liberian Rice Bread
Yield: 8 x 12-inch bread
This rice bread is the typical recipe used by the Liberian housewife. It is not too sweet, can be used as a coffee cake or as a bread, and stays moist for a full week.

In a 4 quart bowl:
Combine: 2 cups CREAM OF RICE (cereal)
3 cups MASHED BANANAS (6 to 8 ripe bananas)
4 Tbs. SUGAR
1/2 tsp. NUTMEG
1 tsp. SALT
1 cup WATER

Stir until thoroughly blended. Bake in a well-greased 8 x 12-inch rectangular or 9-inch round cake pan at 400′ for 30 minutes. Test with a toothpick (when it comes out dry, bread is done)

Submitted by the Rev. Abeoseh (Abby) Flemister, PIMIL Director. Learn more about PIMIL at their website: